You might know nuts as a superb protein or fats supply, however they’re additionally full of fiber, Mahtani says. “Mixed nuts provide the proper steadiness of protein, wholesome fat, and fiber, which is able to assist maintain your blood sugar ranges regular between meals,” Mahtani explains. “I’d go for almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts as a result of these nuts include the best quantity of fiber.”

You can eat combined nuts on their very own, as a part of path combine, or in a granola bar. For a easy high-fiber snack, Mahtani recommends consuming a small handful (one ounce) of combined nuts. “This serving dimension gives about two to three grams of fiber, relying on the kind of nut,” she provides. “When reaching for a packet of combined nuts, all the time select one with almonds as a result of this nut has the quantity of fiber per serving dimension.”


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