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  • Dermaplaning is a method to eliminate hair and pores and skin buildup on the face.
  • The process makes use of a surgical blade to shave the face.
  • Our editor tried a dermaplaning facial and spoke with an aesthetic physician about all of her burning dermaplaning questions — see beneath for her outcomes.

I’ve at all times been intrigued by dermaplaning, a type of exfoliation which includes eradicating the high-quality hairs from the face with a surgical blade. Face shaving removes that annoying peach fuzz, creates the right base for make-up utility, and, due to the very fact it permits product to penetrate the pores and skin higher, leaves pores and skin with an unimaginable glow. But I used to be cautious of making an attempt it for 2 causes. The first is that it is one more factor to add to my already lengthy (*10*). I do actually get pleasure from spending time taking care of my pores and skin, however including extra steps leaves much less time to binge-watch my favourite TV reveals. My second concern might be what you are all pondering: the dreaded concern that my hair would develop again thicker and sooner. Spoiler: it did not.

I lastly determined to make the leap and tried the Egyptian Facial with Dr. David Jack, which incorporates dermaplaning. The excellent news? I lived to inform the story. If you are contemplating getting baby-soft, fuzz-free pores and skin however have issues, listed below are 10 stuff you want to know earlier than getting it achieved (together with some extraordinarily candid pictures of my expertise).

Dermaplaning Doesn’t Hurt

Honestly, it sounds and appears loads scarier than it’s. Dermaplaning is secure, and the process would not harm, nevertheless it undoubtedly is not a calming facial. The dermaplaning blade is analogous to a daily razor, and the motion of getting the hair eliminated feels similar to dry shaving, notably on the higher lip, the place there is perhaps extra hair. However, though it might really feel a tiny bit uncomfortable at first, you get used to it fairly simply, and it is not painful in anyway.

Your Hair Will Not Grow Back Thicker or Faster After Dermaplaning

Dr. David says this can be a whole fable. You will not develop a beard after getting dermaplaning. Your hair will develop again, however it’s going to simply appear like it did earlier than you had the remedy. If you naturally have darker hairs, they might seem thicker once they develop again, however which will merely be since you’ve forgotten what it was like earlier than the remedy. “There isn’t any scientific foundation for this. A surgical blade is used, which simply shaves the ends from the high-quality vellus hairs. Nothing occurs to the follicles themselves, so the expansion of the hair is not modified.”

You Aren’t Committed After 1 Session

This is not a remedy you completely have to commit to, nevertheless, repeated periods do make therapies simpler. Dr. David says, “It generally is a one-time remedy, however normally the very best outcomes to your pores and skin long term can be with repeated therapies. But doing it as a one-off won’t hurt to your pores and skin.” This is one thing that I’ll in all probability solely do occasionally after I really feel like my pores and skin wants additional exfoliation or earlier than an occasion for higher make-up utility. However, if I had tried the remedy and determined I did not need to do it once more, there would not be a problem contemplating my hair would not develop again any thicker or darker.

half-hour After the Treatment:

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tori Crowther

Dermaplaning Affects How Well Your Skin Care Works

“The pores and skin is stripped again to enable for higher entry and penetration of anti-ageing merchandise.” I discovered my pores and skin was consuming up every thing I utilized and gave me essentially the most unimaginable glow, so get your greatest merchandise prepared, together with retinol, vitamin C, and SPF. Dr. David stated, “The primary factor is that it improves the results of lively, antioxidant skincare by permitting higher entry to the deeper layers of the pores and skin.” Sold!

Dermaplaning Works Better With a Peel

The facial first makes use of a “fruit-based glycolic acid peel, mixed with salycylic and mandelic acid, which is adopted by gently shaving the highest layer of the pores and skin. This exfoliation method removes the waterproof higher layers of the pores and skin to enable penetration and absorption of a collection of anti-ageing superior vitamin serums.” However, when you have delicate pores and skin, you do not want a peel along with the dermaplaning, as shaving is an efficient type of exfoliation by itself.

Dermaplaning at Home

Dr. David didn’t suggest doing this at dwelling. However, there are some POPSUGAR staff who’re enormous followers of at-home dermaplaning, and, let’s be trustworthy: a number of us strive issues at dwelling that we “should not.” Typically, the largest distinction between having dermaplaning achieved by knowledgeable versus doing your personal at house is that the dermaplaning blades are totally different. Facialists use a surgical dermaplaning blade, which is loads sharper than a dermaplaning blade you should buy on the drugstore. If you intend to dermaplane at dwelling, be sure to aren’t utilizing a surgical blade. Allow Kirbie to tell you how she keeps up with this treatment at home.

Dermaplaning Lasts Around 6 Weeks

If you fall in love with the remedy, you will get it as typically as each six weeks, as that is when the cells renew and hair grows again. You must be cautious of doing it too typically, as this will over exfoliate your face and lead to issues. However, for those who’re dermaplaning by yourself at dwelling utilizing a nonsurgical blade, you are able to do it a bit extra typically, roughly each week or so.

3 Hours After:

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tori Crowther

Your Skin Will Feel Weird and Dry After Dermaplaning

And by bizarre, I imply you’ll really feel every thing in your face. Blowing a hair out of your face? It will really feel weird. I did not understand how a lot these tiny hairs block issues out of your face. Also, stray hairs had been sticking to my face a bit like lip gloss. As for the dryness, I used to be anticipating a bit extra dryness than regular, however nothing that a couple of sheet masks or thicker night time cream could not clear up. Oh, how mistaken I used to be. I did not put on make-up for 3 days after the remedy as a result of I had to apply moisturizer to my face in the course of the day, a number of occasions a day. I’ve dry and dehydrated skin anyway, in order that’s one thing to keep in mind if this is a matter for you. I’d suggest carrying round a mist for per week after your remedy to fight any dryness and tightness by the day.

There Is No Downtime After Dermaplaning

Your pores and skin can be purple afterwards. Mine was very purple for about two hours afterwards, nevertheless it did not harm in any respect. By the top of the day, I used to be glowing! Dr. David notes that “normally, the pores and skin is a bit purple and delicate instantly after the remedy and generally is a little dry for a few days following it. However, downtime is pretty minimal, and you ought to be ready to go about as regular afterwards. Sometimes in individuals with lively zits, it might create extra redness for a couple of days, so that is one thing to contemplate.”

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