Breakfast is among the most essential meals of the day – we’ve got been listening to this since time immemorial and for all the precise causes. breakfast offers us the vitality to go all through the day. Since it is the primary meal, it must be filling, scrumptious and in addition very nutritious. Because of our hectic work schedule, we hardly get time to prepare dinner a healthful breakfast to satisfy wholesome physique wants. Hence, most of us skip it from time to time. But are you aware what? It is a really unhealthy apply. If you go searching and discover, you’ll come throughout a myriad of easy-peasy recipes. For occasion, bread poha, omelette and extra.

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Pair these recipes with a glass of milk, chilly espresso or a cup of tea, the selection is yours! However, there are occasions if you neglect to put the milk within the fridge. The subsequent morning, if you get up, you discover it curdled. Don’t fear, we’ve got discovered a few of the methods in which you’ll be able to utilise it for a delicious breakfast. Take a glance beneath.

Here’re 5 Simple Ways Of Using Curdled Milk For Breakfast:

1. Smoothies

The first one is the recipe most of us wish to have for breakfast. It’s tangy, fill ing and really scrumptious. We can use curdled milk in getting ready the smoothies. Plus, it would give an extra tangy flavour to your smoothies. Just substitute your yoghurt with the curdled milk and you’re good to go.


2. Paneer Rolls/Sandwiches

Strain the curdled milk and separate the lumps from it. Remove the surplus water and use the remaining within the stuffing for sandwiches, rolls and even paratha. Add in your favorite seasoning within the combination and saviour!

3. Chilla

You may use curdled milk for making the chilla. For this, take a bowl, add besan (or any flour of your selection), seasonings to style, coriander leaves and curdled milk. Mix properly till you get a easy and constant paste. Your chilla/dosa batter is prepared.

4. Scrambled Eggs

Curdled milk is usually a nice selection for including to scrambled eggs. Whisk the eggs with the curdled milk, after which prepare dinner till perfection. You will discover the consequence to be creamier than earlier than.

scrambled eggs with chicken sausages

5. Fruit Or Veggie Salad

Take a bowl, chop your favorite fruits, or some veggies for added crunch. Add within the seasonings in response to your style, unfold the curdled milk all around the fruits, and pour a bit little bit of olive oil on high. Your delicious bowl of salad is prepared!

Try out these hacks and tell us how they turned out within the feedback beneath.

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