Whether you tuck away a bit of labradorite earlier than a job interview or relaxation purple amethyst in your chest to appease a damaged coronary heart, crystals can serve a wide variety of purposes. In truth, there’s even a groundswell of curiosity in crystals which are believed to promote better sex by firing up your private headspace or attracting particular sorts of sexual power from a accomplice. According to Michael Cardenas, an power healer and head witch at Olde Ways, crystals are as highly effective as you make them. “Crystals are most potent when their route is evident, so be intentional about your choice, placement, and remedy of them in an effort to deliver the best advantages to your life, out and in of the bed room,” Cardenas says.

So, how will you make your (horny) intentions clear? “Selecting a phallic or yonic-shaped crystal is an efficient strategy to sign to your self, and to the universe, the kind of power you are on the lookout for,” Cardenas tells POPSUGAR. Still, he recommends letting your instinct information your choice course of. Pay consideration to the form, weight, dimension, and colour of the crystal and what these parts evoke for you. There aren’t any fallacious solutions.

From there, correct placement and treatment of your crystals will assist heart your power and draw of their properties. But which properties and practices matter most for higher intercourse? Keep studying for the intercourse crystals Cardenas recommends.

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