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With the hotter months usually comes an increased awareness of body hair. While not everyone seems to be a fan of eradicating their very own, in case you are, your hair-removal routine could restart with a vengeance as turtlenecks and pants are swapped for t-shirts and shorts. If you’re somebody who likes to be utterly hairless, there may be one kind of physique hair that is much less broadly understood (and that you simply is likely to be questioning the way to do away with): vellus hair.

“Vellus hair is a elaborate time period for peach fuzz,” board-certified superior aesthetics nurse practitioner and founding father of Effacè Aesthetics, Roberta Moradfar, tells POPSUGAR. (It’s sometimes called the latter as a result of it generally resembles the fuzz on the fruit.) “These are the high quality, very light-pigmented hairs that may be discovered all around the physique together with the face, ears, and nostril. On sure areas of the physique, hormonal adjustments could flip vellus hairs to thick, coarse hairs – for instance the pubic space and armpits.”

Yes: meaning when you’re almost certainly to note them in your cheeks, chin, or ears, you may additionally have vellus hairs in your abdomen, arms, and toes. If eradicating your peach fuzz looks like a herculean process for you, we requested Moradfar and board-certified dermatologist Rachel Maiman, MD to elucidate every part it is best to learn about vellus hair, together with suggestions for correct elimination.

What Is the Function of Vellus Hair?

Though any such physique hair is small, it really serves an vital goal. “The major function of vellus hair is thermoregulation, also referred to as the regulation of physique temperature,” Dr. Maiman tells POPSUGAR. “Basically, the vellus hair capabilities like a wick for sweat. While a pores and skin pore is open, as happens when the physique temperature rises, sweat wets a strand of vellus hair and the sweat situated on the exterior a part of the strand evaporates.”

These hairs additionally serve a extra tactile operate. “Alongside thermoregulation, vellus hairs produce the feeling of goosebumps,” Moradfar tells POPSUGAR. “This is what lets you recognize if there’s one thing crawling in your pores and skin.”

What Causes Vellus Hairs to Grow?

Vellus hairs are literally hairs that you simply had as a toddler and are the start line for the physique hair that you could be be extra acquainted with right now. “Vellus hair replaces the attribute hair famous in utero (referred to as lanugo hair) on a human fetus at 36 to 40 weeks of gestation,” Dr. Maiman says. “At puberty, hormones trigger a lot of the vellus hair to show into terminal hair and stimulate the expansion of latest hair within the armpit and the pubic space. In some individuals, this alteration in vellus hair additionally happens on the face, giving them a beard, and the physique.”

It’s value noting that whereas these hairs are usually innocent, an overproduction of vellus hairs could point out a bigger challenge. “A change in overproduction of vellus hairs can signify illness,” Moradfar says. “Individuals with sure situations resembling anorexia might even see a rise within the manufacturing of vellus hairs, and adjustments in adrenal glands can even trigger an overproduction of vellus hairs as nicely, which is frequent with sufferers with Cushing’s syndrome.”

If you end up making an attempt to do away with vellus hairs extra usually, you could wish to schedule a medical doctors appointment to ensure there aren’t any underlying situations of concern.

How to Identify Vellus Hair

While vellus hairs can look completely different on everybody, there’s a approach to inform the distinction between them and your totally developed physique hair. “Vellus hairs are noticeably thinner and lightweight in pigment,” Moradfar says. “During puberty, when the vellus hairs flip into terminal hairs, they flip darker, thicker, and longer, which is because of hormonal adjustments.”

Vellus hairs can develop throughout your physique — apart from the palms of your fingers and the soles of your toes. However, you can too determine them by looking at areas that you’d in any other case take into account “hairless.” “Take a have a look at locations just like the earlobe and brow, and you will really see tiny hairs,” Dr. Maiman says. “These are vellus hairs, and you’ll see that the hair is translucent and unmistakably thinner than different hair on the physique.”

How to Get Rid of Vellus Hairs

While you might at all times attain for hair removal creams as an possibility for elimination, each Dr. Maiman and Moradfar counsel shaving or dermaplaning as your finest options. If you are prepared to splurge, an expert-approved at-home gadget is the Dermaflash Luxe Dermaplaning Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device ($200). Otherwise, our editors swear by the Venus Exfoliating Dermaplaning Razor ($19), which comes with two blade refills, in addition to the Versed Skincare Instant Gratification ($20). Both are nonelectric choices that function a reusable, slip-free deal with.

You have the choice to get the skilled therapy accomplished by a dermatologist, however in case you choose to do it at dwelling, Dr. Maiman broke down the method into easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Start on clear, dry pores and skin.
  2. Work in sections and maintain the pores and skin taut with one hand when you transfer.
  3. Move the blade briefly, gentle strokes and it ought to optimally be held at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Try to maintain the strokes in a downward movement.
  5. Make certain to not go over any areas which might be infected or irritated.
  6. Rinse your face after you’re completed, after which proceed with the remainder of your routine.

Now that you have unlocked an entire new stage of hair elimination, be at liberty to rock your slinkiest tank prime and shortest shorts with out reservation. You do, in any case, have this hair-removal factor down pat.

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