The newest episode of Anupamaa is stuffed with drama as the reality behind Barkha and Ankush’s return to India comes out. Meanwhile, Pakhi develops emotions for Adhik, Barkha’s brother. Vanraj and Baa fear Anupamaa’s post-wedding rituals. Keep studying this text to know extra.

Anuj and Ankush reminisce about their childhood

Anuj has lastly reunited with Ankush after a few years of separation. Anuj tells Anupamaa how Ankush hated him at first however then they grew nearer. Ankush additionally tells Barkha about their tales however Barkha is just not up to now. She has greater worries regarding the future. Their predominant intention to come to India is just not to reunite with their cousin.

Back at the Shah’s residence, Pakhi thinks in regards to the day’s occasions with Adhik. She seems to be him up online and finds out his social media profile. Vanraj walks in and they speak in regards to the Youth fest. Is this a starting of one other story or an indication of the latest challenges in Anupamaa’s life? No matter what, this new twist will solely enhance the drama in Anupamaa’s life.

Barkha instigates Ankush

Barkha and Ankush get right into combat whereas Anuj and Anupamaa had been making ready almond milk for them. The reality behind their return comes out. They didn’t wind up their enterprise however had been thrown out of it and had to depart. Barkha reminds Ankush how his father invested in Anuj’s father’s enterprise and thus he has a proper to it. She additionally provides that now Anuj’s property belongs to Anupamaa and her three youngsters which can solely take away their rights to the property.

She reminisces how her family took all the pieces away from them so she will be able to’t believe Anuj anymore both. Ankush tries to defend his brother however earlier than he might say something, he notices Anuj and Anupamaa at the door. They each get shocked seeing them standing there and get apprehensive if they’ve heard something. If Anuj and Anupamaa have discovered Barkha’s true intentions, they won’t simply be upset but heartbroken seeing their very own household combating with them for cash.

Though they haven’t heard the combat, Anuj will get anxious seeing Barkha and Ankush so tense. Anupamaa assures him that troubles are regular in married life and he shouldn’t get apprehensive. Little do they know that it’s not the difficulty of married life but possible combat for a property with them that’s inflicting the problem.

In the upcoming episodes, extra obstacles and challenges will enter Anupamaa and Anuj’s married life as they cope with this new household drawback. Keep studying HT highlights for all updates.

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