In the most recent episode of Anupamaa, we see Anupamaa preparing for her wedding. We may also see Anupama and Leela coming nearer whereas Kavya will confront Vanraj concerning her points. Anupama may also realise that her wrestle as Anuj’s spouse and her kids’ mom won’t be straightforward.

Special visitors at Anupamaa’s Haldi

In the earlier episode, we noticed Anuj dedicating the whole variety of spices to Anupamaa to understand her position as ‘Annapurna’. In this episode, we are going to see extra love and respect between the 2 as Anupamaa will categorical her gratitude in direction of Anuj’s gesture. She may also reminisce about her time when she was disdained for being a housewife. Anupamaa and Anuj additionally thank everybody for being so supportive of them. After everybody is finished making use of Haldi on Anupama, Samar waits for some particular visitors.

Two eunuchs who met Anupamaa and Anuj as soon as and blessed them come for their wedding. Anuj and Anupama welcome them as their pals. They are overwhelmed with love and respect, they bless Anupamaa and Anuj with infinite happiness. Kanta passes a snide comment at Leela for not attending the wedding even after having a powerful relationship with Anupamaa whereas those that have relation are blissful for her.

Later we see, Anupama attempting to compel Leela to bless her for her wedding. She hugs her and informs her that she is going to all the time be a mom to her. Will this soften Leela’s, coronary heart? Will she attend Anupamaa’s wedding fortunately after all or will her hatred proceed?

On the opposite facet, we see Vanraj questioning Kavya for being so passionate about Anupamaa’s wedding. Tension rises between the 2 as Kavya opens up about her misery. She reminds Vanraj that they each are so distanced now and not blissful anymore. This is why she is borrowing from Anupamaa’s happiness so she will feel higher.

Anupamaa’s dilemma

It’s time for the massive day and Anupamaa’s daughter and daughter-in-law are prepared to decorate up their beloved mom. Kinjal and Pakhi convey her garments and ask her to clean up for the make-up. Anupama is touched to see her youngsters making ready to get her prepared as a bride. Kinjal feels a kick in her tummy and will get frightened. Anupamaa explains to her that it’s regular. Kinjal worries about how she is going to deal with the child alone whereas Anupamaa tries to consolation her that she will probably be round. Soon sufficient they each realise that she received’t and Anupamaa wonders how she is going to handle her new life together with her previous obligations.

In the following episode, we are going to see new points turning up in Anuj and Anupamaa’s love story. Malvika might want to depart for the US whereas Anuj declares that he won’t get married without her.

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