‘Interwoven’, at David Hall, displays works that use pictures, prints, weaving, portray and paper artwork

“She used to put on the everyday starched white Chatta mundu, mekka mothers on her ears, and a gold rosary and a black scapular around her neck. Nowadays, hardly anybody wears these,” says Elizabeth Davis of her work ‘Ammamma’, impressed by her grandmother.

The work is on show on the Muscat-based artist’s maiden solo present, ‘Interwoven’, at David Hall in Fort Kochi. It provides a distinct perspective on Kerala, the place she recreates frequent photos of the State utilizing varied methods corresponding to weaving, paper folding, burning, pictures and portray. The result’s refreshingly completely different.

In ‘Kalavandi’ (Bullock carts), a 20×16-inch combined media on canvas, a print of a bullock cart pulled by a pair of bulls is fragmented, combined and matched, to seem as many bulls and carts and wheels. “This provides to the ahead motion of the cart and there’s a feeling of kinetic power. The mixture of mud tracks, bushes and wheels additionally add to the swaying bumpy motion one will get whereas sitting within the cart. These carts, from my childhood, at the moment are not often seen,” says the artist, turning nostalgic.

The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica in Fort Kochi has a three-dimensional appointment the place triangular ridges of the coloured print of the grand church are pasted onto one other colour print of the identical. The backwaters of Fort Kochi with the Chinese nets and boats come alive subtly by way of a criss-cross of black and white and coloured prints of the surroundings.

‘Interwoven’ takes viewers by way of a slice of bygone Kerala, however, not unlike the methods of yore, Elizabeth’s idiom provides a novel interpretation of the outdated and the apparent. Done on canvas, the frames have disjointed prints typically pasted over with woven palm leaves, a standard craft of Kerala. She uses burning, defacing and reconstructing photos to give them a brand new id, facet and understanding. “These might be platforms for additional summary artwork,” she says


Interestingly, the combined media works within the exhibition have been completed throughout the 10 days she quarantined herself on arrival from Muscat in January 2022. Isolated in “an upstairs room” she revisited outdated photos, photographs, and prints and conceptualised the works that took her by way of her childhood, rising years, well-known personalities of Kerala, household, folks and the long-lasting architectural legacy of Kochi.

The well-known women and men of Kerala are introduced on “ morals” or the winnowing woven tray, part of a conventional Kerala kitchen. Kathakali dancers meld in a body( Mukha Mukhi) presenting a matted pastiche, making a mysterious aura of issues left unsaid or mentioned differently.

A captivating handmade sketch e-book, ‘Kiki Goes To Corniche,’ the present, is the latest work, completed for her granddaughter, Kiara. An interactive travelogue for kids, the illustrations are made utilizing pen, watercolours and papercraft.

A marine biologist and a banker for several years, Elizabeth returned to her ardour for artwork in 2015. “I lastly discovered my area of interest,” says the artist, who has created an area for herself within the Oman Art Scene.

The presentation will conclude on April 26.

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