NO STRINGS ATTACHED, from left: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, 2011. ph: Dale Robinette/Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman are having some essential revelations about their rom-com pasts . . . whereas operating on treadmills. This week, Portman joined Kutcher as a part of his marathon-training collection “Our Future Selves” with Peloton, jogging alongside him as the two mentioned how they first met and lastly addressed the hanging similarities between two iconic movies inside the romantic comedy multiverse.

“I believe the first time we actually began hanging out is once we shot ‘No Strings’ collectively,'” Kutcher mentioned whereas sounding miraculously well-articulated for somebody going full pace on a treadmill. “Who would’ve thought 20 years later, we might be on a Peloton collectively?” Portman joked in response. (Note: if 20 years looks like method too way back, it is as a result of it’s. “No Strings Attached” was formally launched in January 2011 — phew!)

“Wait, it is also bizarre as a result of my spouse [Mila Kunis] was taking pictures mainly the identical film, referred to as ‘Friends With Benefits,'” Kutcher mentioned, placing into phrases what so many rom-com followers have been pondering for therefore lengthy. Also launched in 2011, “Friends With Benefits” starred Kunis and Justin Timberlake as mates who grow to be mates with advantages (and then one thing extra) — which is nearly the identical plot that “No Strings Attached” starring Kutcher and Portman has.

“Yes, and Mila and I had simply shot ‘Black Swan’ collectively proper earlier than,” Portman added. “So we had been all making out with one another.” While followers might have had some sense of how interconnected these 2010s rom-coms had been because of their overlapping plots and Kunis and Kutcher’s marriage, listening to the two actors joke about it simply confirms the many similarities between the two movies.

Why two almost similar rom-coms had been launched inside six months of one another, nobody outdoors Hollywood will ever absolutely perceive, however at the very least now viewers have some a lot wanted closure on why they felt such a strong sense of déjà vu at the movie show in 2011.


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