Asthma assault will be fairly scary as an individual struggles to breath, feels chest ache, tightness with coughing and wheezing. The persistent situation may cause the airways in the lungs to develop into infected which might make it troublesome to transfer air in and out. Watching the one you love undergo this excessive discomfort will be troublesome however one should act shortly in case of an asthma attack if the signs do not get higher after taking medicine. Apart from contacting your physician or dashing the particular person to a hospital emergency immediately Dr Harish Chafle, Senior Consultant – Pulmonology and Critical Care at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai suggests the next steps that have to be taken earlier than an ambulance arrives. (Also learn: World Asthma Day 2022: Pollution to Covid; common triggers of asthma as per experts)

How to give asthma first help

• Make them sit upright comfortably and loosen tight clothes.

• If the particular person has asthma medicine, comparable to an inhaler, assist them take it.

• If the particular person doesn’t have an inhaler, use one from a primary help package. Do not borrow another person’s. The drugs in it might be completely different than the wanted rescue drugs. Also, utilizing another person’s inhaler has a slight danger of passing on an an infection.

Use an inhaler with a spacer, if potential

• Remove the cap and shake the inhaler effectively.

• Insert the inhaler into the spacer.

• Have the particular person breathe out utterly and put their mouth tightly across the spacer mouthpiece.

• Press the inhaler as soon as to ship a puff.

• Have the particular person breathe in slowly via their mouth and maintain their breath for 10 seconds.

• Give a complete of 4 puffs, ready a few minute between every puff.

Use an inhaler with no spacer, if essential.

• Remove the inhaler cap and shake effectively.

• Have the particular person breathe out all the best way and seal their lips tightly across the inhaler mouthpiece.

• As the particular person begins to breathe in slowly, press down on the inhaler one time.

• The particular person ought to maintain respiratory in as slowly and deeply as potential (about 5 to 7 seconds) after which maintain their breath for 10 seconds.

• Give a complete of 4 puffs, ready about 1 minute between every puff.

Continue utilizing the inhaler if respiratory continues to be an issue.

• After 4 puffs, wait 4 minutes. If the particular person nonetheless has hassle respiratory, give one other set of 4 puffs.

• If there’s nonetheless little or no enchancment, give 4 to eight puffs each 20 minutes till the ambulance arrives, for up to 4 hours. If you’re nonetheless ready for assist after 4 hours, the really helpful dose is 4 to eight puffs as wanted each 1 to 4 hours.

Monitor the particular person till assist arrives.

• Do not mistake drowsiness as an indication of enchancment; it may imply asthma is getting worse.

• Do not assume that the particular person’s asthma is enhancing for those who now not hear wheezing.

Follow up.

• An emergency room physician will test the severity of the assault and provides therapy, together with medicines.

• The particular person could also be despatched house or keep in the hospital for additional care, relying on their response to therapy.


Here are some house treatments that one can follow in case of asthma assault, prompt by Dr Harish Chafle.

Sit up straight: Sitting up straight will assist to open the airways, making it simpler for air to transfer via the lungs. Remaining calm is important. The physique’s pure stress response, typically known as “battle or flight” mode, could make signs worse.

Breathing workouts: The goal of these workouts is to scale back the quantity of breaths, preserving the airways open longer and making it simpler to breathe.

Pursed lip respiratory

– Breathe in via the nostril.

– Breathe out via pursed lips. The exhale needs to be at the least twice so long as the inhale.

Belly respiratory

– Breathe in via the nostril with palms positioned on the stomach.

– With relaxed neck and shoulders, breathe out. The exhale ought to final two or 3 times longer than the inhale.

Don’t fall for web methods

Many emergency house treatments are prompt on the web. However, these are often not supported by scientific proof.

Examples embody:

• Caffeine: Some counsel that caffeine may also help to deal with asthma, as a result of it’s intently associated to an older drug. A assessment of the obtainable proof in 2001 discovered that caffeine appeared to modestly enhance lung operate for up to 4 hours. The authors concluded that an individual may have to keep away from caffeine earlier than a lung operate check. There is not any proof that it helps with an acute asthma assault.

• Eucalyptus oil: Some researchers have prompt that that inhaling eucalyptus oil might assist to ease signs of asthma. However, no research have thought of the effectiveness throughout an assault. Keep in thoughts that eucalyptus might as a substitute set off asthma signs in some folks.

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