While the winter season is infamous for inflicting weight gain and people are a form of preparation to cope with the extra energy as soon as the brutal chilly bids adieu, summer weight gain can catch you without warning. Many components could contribute to the summer bulge together with adjustments in your routine when the children are at residence to ingesting too many sugary and funky drinks that style heavenly within the season. Some folks might also go on crash diets early in summer solely to realise their weight coming again stronger than ever when the warmth is at its peak. Also, some health specialists are of the view that sleep deprivation during scorching months could be one more reason which will enhance meal cravings in folks and trigger weight gain.

Ayurveda can come to your rescue when it comes to avoiding undesirable weight during summer. Dr Dixa Bhavsar in her latest Instagram put up shared suggestions.

1. Skip or have a lightweight breakfast

Dr Bhavsar advises one to avoid heavy breakfast in summer because the digestive capability (Agni) is relatively low. The expert says having three heavy meals might trigger weight gain, so it’s best to both skip breakfast in case you aren’t hungry in the morning or have very gentle meals like fruits, vegetable juices or simply nuts for breakfast.

2. Drink infused drinks and cooling natural teas

As the temperature rises, our physique calls for extra water and cooling drinks to preserve homeostasis. Dr Bhavsar suggests ingesting naturally cooled water in an earthen pot or making ka pani and infused drinks with cooling herbs like mint, coriander, and cucumber more reasonably than carbonated drinks.

“Sipping on cooling natural teas like hibiscus, mint, cumin, fennel, coriander, chamomile, rose, lavender, Brahmi additionally helps you preserve your weight and even keep cool,” says the Ayurveda expert.

3. Choose fruits over fruit juices

Eating complete fruit as mid-meal snacks is the easiest way to beat summer blues reasonably than having milkshakes or fruit juices. Dr Bhavsar explains why.

“Summer is the season of scrumptious fruits and we are sometimes tempted to have cooling milkshakes and fruit juices. But mixing fruits with milk is incompatible (Aniruddha Sahara acc to Ayurveda) so finest to avoid them and have milk at bedtime for sound sleep & cooling impact and have fruits individually (both as a breakfast or mid-day snack),” she says.

Dr Bhavsar provides that fruit juices comprise much less fibre, extra sugar and extra energy. She provides that one other benefit of getting complete fruits is that the method of chewing additionally helps in digesting and metabolising it optimally, reasonably than ingesting it.

4. Stop consuming something post-dinner

“During summer, the day is lengthy and scorching whereas the nights are quick and cooling. So folks tend to sleep late and spend time open air during the night and evening and benefit from the moonlight during summer. Now if you’re awake till late, there are probabilities you would possibly crave meals or feel hungry in the evening as 10 pm to 2 am is pitta dominant time which ignites the urge for food. If you’ve meals once more after dinner, which may trigger indigestion and weight gain. So it’s best to have dinners early (earlier than sundown or by 8 pm) after which avoid consuming late in the evening,” says the Ayurveda expert.

If you might be too hungry, you’ll be able to sip on half of a glass of cow milk at bedtime which facilitates good sleep and even straightforward bowel motion the subsequent morning, provides the expert.

5. Stay Active

“Now in summer if we do not train and simply maintain consuming cooling meals, that would positively trigger weight gain. So we should observe delicate train every day (which does not exhaust us however reasonably makes us feel extra relaxed and versatile).

You can select no matter you want from strolling, dancing, cooling pranayamas, swimming, pilates, cardio, yoga asanas, and many others.

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