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Oral intercourse might be sizzling, steamy, and oh so pleasurable, however should you’re in your head about how your vagina tastes, you are not alone. After all, should you comply with wellness developments or browse social media at any given time, you are most likely used to manufacturers and influencers touting numerous meals (like pineapple) and supplements that may alter and enhance your vagina’s scent and style.

The newest craze is delivered to you by Lemme, Kourtney Kardashian’s newest line of vitamins and botanical supplements, after it just lately introduced the launch of its vaginal-health gummies loaded with pineapple and vitamin C, captioning it

, “Give your vagina the candy deal with it deserves (and switch it right into a candy deal with). You know what they are saying… you’re what you eat.”

But what is the deal? Is it value investing in vaginal-health gummies or loading up on pineapple, and might you actually change the style of your vagina? Don’t fear, there is not any disgrace within the recreation for questioning. Here’s what specialists advised POPSUGAR.

What Does Your Vagina Naturally Taste Like?

Generally talking, a wholesome vagina can have many faint tastes and smells, together with metallic, bitter, candy, or salty, says Laura Purdy, MD, a board-certified household drugs doctor and the chief medical officer of sexual and reproductive well being firm Wisp. “Given that the vagina is acidic, it is particularly widespread for the vagina to style metallic, particularly quickly after menstruation,” she explains.

That mentioned, if your vagina (including the vulva and labia) has any strong scents, like a fishy or foul scent, that may be an indication that one thing is flawed, together with however not restricted to a bacterial vaginosis an infection, Dr. Purdy provides.

Can You Actually Change the Taste of Your Vagina?

Simply put, no. You can not make your vagina style like a “candy deal with.” But your vaginal style and odor can change primarily based in your well being, so sustaining correct hygiene and controlling sicknesses can have an effect on the style of your vagina, says Adrienne Ton, FNP-BC, APRN-CNP, a household nurse practitioner at TBD Health, a sexual-wellness model that gives reasonably priced and shame-free reproductive care. “Besides that, I’ve but to see a variety of high-quality proof that something like vital eating regimen modifications makes a distinction within the style of the vagina,” she explains.

If your vagina does have a powerful, new style and also you’re involved, examine in along with your physician to rule out any style that could be associated to a vaginal an infection like bacterial vaginosis, which might be handled with antibiotics, Dr. Purdy provides.

How Can You Make Your Vagina Taste Better?

Before you load up your Amazon cart with dietary supplements, Dr. Purdy says one of the simplest ways to keep away from a powerful, foul vaginal scent or style is to protect a wholesome pH. “It’s essential to notice that the vagina is not imagined to style or scent floral or fruity, however as a substitute scent far more impartial,” she explains. “Avoiding tobacco and ingesting excessively, in addition to washing the vulva with gentle cleaning soap and water, are all methods to keep your vagina healthy and clear and to forestall your pH from being thrown off.”

It’s additionally greatest to stick with breathable underwear and keep away from scented merchandise, which may irritate the vagina and trigger irritation or an an infection, Ton says. You also needs to monitor your sexual well being and regularly test for sexually transmitted diseases or infections, since they will alter vaginal fluid and finally have an effect on the style, she provides.

It’s additionally value noting that style is subjective. “The style of your vagina can rely upon the style buds and preferences of the one that is tasting vaginal fluid or vaginal secretions, so if one individual does not love the style, this does not imply that others will not,” Ton says. “It’s not anybody’s duty to make their vagina style ‘higher’ for another person, and taking good care of your individual physique might help you along with your total well being and, in flip, the well being of your vagina.”

Do Certain Foods, Like Pineapple, or Supplements Make Your Vagina Taste Better?

Hate to interrupt it to you, however there’s restricted analysis on whether or not particular meals or dietary supplements can truly make your vagina style higher. “Few meals have a constant influence on the style of the vagina, however some have discovered that fermented meals like yogurt can improve the presence of wholesome vaginal micro organism,” Dr. Purdy notes.

And concerning the city legend that pineapple could make your vagina style higher . . . it is also not a assure. “It isn’t scientifically confirmed that pineapple can truly enhance vaginal style, despite the fact that some have anecdotally said that that is the case,” Dr. Purdy says. “Some have discovered that fermented pineapple juice can improve the wholesome micro organism within the vagina, however that is doubtless due to the fermentation course of, fairly than the pineapple element.”

In different phrases, it is most likely not value investing in vaginal-health gummies, Dr. Purdy says. “At the top of the day, your vagina is meant to style similar to that — a vagina — with a delicate metallic, salty, bitter, or candy style, and if something, dietary supplements that declare to make use of components like pineapple to vary the style of the vagina should not scientifically confirmed to take action.”

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