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With TikTookay recently updating its community guidelines to ban misgendering, deadnaming, misogyny, and any content material that promotes conversion therapy, the social media area is quickly changing into a extra inclusive place for a lot of LGBTQ+ people. Whether folks want to discover a extra queer-friendly neighborhood or looking for solutions about their sexuality or identification, the social media platform appears to be providing a number of sources in an surroundings comparatively safeguarded in opposition to queerphobia.

One query that is gained reputation amongst content material creators is whether or not or not hormone replacement therapy (HRT) — and, extra particularly, taking testosterone — can change who you are drawn to.

In one video, a TikTok creator says, “I feel it is price speaking about. Why does testosterone make me homosexual within the man approach? Are guys extra homosexual? Do guys who naturally have a number of testosterone really need pee pee?”


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Another creator stitched the video by sharing his private expertise, noting that when he began testosterone, medical doctors requested about sexual exercise and being pregnant prevention. “‘I used to be like, ‘No, no, no, bestie, the elements that I’ve and the elements of the folks I’m drawn to have, we do not have to fret about that, I’m good.’ They had been like, ‘No, once you begin testosterone, you might develop into extra drawn to males,’ and I used to be like, ‘Absolutely not.'”

But issues modified for this creator. “Well, you see, a pair months into taking testosterone, lengthy story quick, I’m 11 months on T and I’ve a boyfriend — a cisgender man . . . And so I might additionally prefer to ask the query, as a result of how did I develop into a homosexual man? Gay? Like, homosexual? Women, however homosexual?”


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As anticipated, the viral movies are flooded with feedback from different TikTookay customers questioning the identical query. “I would like extra analysis on thissss,” writes one particular person. Some are additionally sharing their private experiences: “I’m not even on T, however as soon as I began my transition, I turned drawn to males once more🧍.”

Because this appears to be a typical expertise for these taking testosterone — and there are many unanswered questions surrounding the thought — we spoke with Michelle Forcier, MD, a clinician for Folx Health, an organization that gives hormone remedy and different providers particularly for individuals who are transgender, nonbinary, and intersex. Here’s what she has to say about whether or not or not testosterone can truly affect your sexual orientation.

When Someone Starts Taking Testosterone, Is It Possible It Could Make Them More Attracted to Men?

Because sexual preferences are extraordinarily nuanced, it is doable to your attraction to vary over time — even with out taking testosterone. But Dr. Forcier factors out that when taking testosterone, there are a couple of the reason why you might develop into extra sexually drawn to males. For one, when somebody begins taking testosterone, “their physique and mind will now be residing and experiencing themselves and others in a brand new physique and mind hormone milieu,” Dr. Forcier says. They describe it as if “altering from salt-water ocean to a lake or pool.”

With an individual experiencing life in another way in a brand new physique and with a distinct mindset, Dr. Forcier confirms it is doable that your sexual attraction could shift. “Sexual attraction, orientation, and behaviors are tremendous affected by hormones, by experiencing ourselves, by experiencing others,” they add.

Another factor to think about is that testosterone is a libido-enhancing hormone, says Dr. Forcier. For these simply beginning on T, this might imply they really feel hornier than, nicely, ever. “An individual who has a lift in intercourse drive and a complete lot of different new emotions would possibly wish to take a look at issues out, discover, and take a look at new issues sexually as nicely,” Dr. Forcier says. “So for some, T could current new emotions, new wants, and new methods to discover intercourse.”

It’s additionally doable that when a transgender man begins taking testosterone and feeling nearer to the best way they know themselves to be, they may expertise attraction in another way. In some circumstances, as soon as somebody is on T and now not experiencing dysphoria, it might make them extra snug being drawn to a sure gender. In a Reddit thread on the subject, one consumer wrote, “As quickly as males [started] seeing me as a person and treating me like a person and I felt like a person, I had no issues with my sights to them.”

That stated, Dr. Forcier clarifies that sexuality is consistently evolving. Your sexual attraction and preferences can change over time relying on numerous elements.

Could This Also Mean That Individuals Taking Estrogen Might Find Themselves More Attracted to Women?

All hormones — together with testosterone and estrogen — might probably affect somebody’s attraction scale relying on the circumstances, Dr. Forcier confirms. “People with too low of ranges of estrogen could really feel fatigued, be extra anxious or depressed, or not have robust libido. People with regular or larger ranges of estrogen or who obtain both estrogen or testosterone supplementation might need a shift of their intercourse drive, which might issue into sexual pursuits, exploration, and actions,” Dr. Forcier says.

Experts have not confirmed a direct, one-to-one relationship between hormone varieties and ranges for sexual attraction and identification, “however we do know gender hormones do affect how we really feel in and out, in addition to how we’d really feel sexually,” Dr. Forcier explains.

All and all, whereas it is completely OK to query why your sexual attraction is altering throughout HRT, it is necessary to do not forget that sexual preferences are fluid, T or no T. You do not should label your sexual orientation and even take into account what it means so that you can be drawn to somebody you beforehand won’t have usually been into.

In a remark one TikTookay consumer left on the viral movies talked about above, the consumer wrote: “Life simply has a humorous approach of telling us we need not match right into a field/label.” Maybe, if it is what makes you content, it isn’t essential to query the “why” behind your attraction ranges, and as a substitute, it is best to embrace them — whatever the gender (or genders) you are drawn to.

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