Will Smith‘s punch to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars went round the world. It was in all places. It was one of the most surprising current occasions as a result of of every thing that adopted.

Public debate, sanctions for the legendary American actor… however what about Chris Rock?

What occurred to him, bodily or mentally? Well, the penalties of that episode on the presenter of that gala are starting to grow to be clear.

Everything exploded when the actor and comic Chris Rock made a remark about Jada Pinkett Smith that her husband, Will Smith, didn’t take kindly to. He obtained up from his seat, went to the stage and slapped him in the face.

A yr and a half has handed… and removed from cooling down, the affair continues to be occurring.

There are nonetheless collateral results of that motion that can go down in the historical past of cinema… and past for the social affect it produced.

It was Leslie Jones, Rock‘s pal, who can also be an actor and comic, who reported that Chris Rock had resorted to psychological remedy to recover from what had occurred.

What’s extra, Rock needed to attend remedy accompanied by his daughters, Lola and Zahra, for a while.

“That sh*t was humiliating. It actually affected him. People want to grasp that his daughters and his dad and mom noticed it,” Jones advised People journal.

“He needed to go to remedy along with her daughters,”


In reality, Jones was so upset at the time about what occurred at the gala that she virtually acted herself.

“You do not know that I was about to get in my automotive and drive there. I was fu*king offended on so many ranges.”

Smith ought to have apologized to Rock earlier than the finish of the gala, when he obtained the Best Actor award for his efficiency in King Richard, as Leslie Jones understands it. But he did not.

Year after the slap, Chris Rock punches again in new particular

Chris Rock’s first phrases on the matter a yr later

Chris Rock spoke out on the subject once more a yr later. He did so in a particular filmed for Netflix and with out filters, attacking the performer for his actions.

“Did it harm? It nonetheless hurts, I nonetheless have the punch ringing in my ear, however I’m not a sufferer,” Rock mentioned in the Netflix recording.

“You’ll by no means see me on Oprah (Winfrey) or Gayl (King) crying, it is by no means going to occur. I took the punch like Pacquiao.

“Rather a lot of individuals have requested me, how come you did not do something that night time? Because I’ve dad and mom and they taught me that you do not battle in entrance of white individuals.”

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