Daisy’s eventful Greek island sojourn in Episode 7 (“She’s Gone”) left The Six momentarily within the lurch – In LA, grainy “Camila cam” footage from her Canon Auto Zoom Super 8 captures a splashy billboard touting a tour for Aurora from a band down one frontperson – however when she invariably resurfaces at rehearsals with new husband Nicky in tow right here in Episode 8 (“Looks Like We Made It”), the group takes her absence in stride as Billy doubles down on dominance mode. He sputters that her probability to weigh in on setlist selections was weeks in the past, after they first began rehearsing, and earlier than lengthy it’s time for one more car parking zone shouting match. Hey, it’s good to be again. But have you learnt who else is again? Garishly wigged Timothy Olyphant as Nineteen Seventies music business creature Rod Reyes, who Teddy Price tapped to handle the Daisy Jones & The Six US tour. “It appeared like a good suggestion on the time,” Rod says within the current as Billy and Daisy bicker about separate tour buses, resort suites for his or her respective spouses, and different costly perks. But the report label springs for all of it, as a result of it’s December 1976, and Aurora is charting two singles within the Top Ten. The buses are gassed up, and Camila and Julia are curbside to see everybody off. 

Whenever Daisy and Billy aren’t spitting and preventing like a pair in divorce courtroom, they actually do make some electrical music collectively, and gigs on the preliminary southwest leg of the Aurora tour go nice. Huge, adoring crowds. Lots of press. Multiple sell-outs, dates added, and appearances on American Bandstand and The Midnight Special. “We needed to work collectively,” Daisy tells her interviewer. “We didn’t have to love one another. And we didn’t.” The exhibits roll on with Rod and Nicky watching from the wings, and the afterparties full of crushed PBR’s and handed coke plates distinction with Billy’s routine on the street, which entails tons of jogging and watching The Rockford Files. Rod retains the tour logistics buzzing whereas Warren and Eddie bust Nicky’s balls about the entire Irish royalty factor – “is your face on cash?” – and he settles right into a dislike for Billy and the tumultuous connection he and Daisy share. “When he’s within the room, you’re not your self. Have you seen that? You care what he thinks, and that makes you much less you.”


When Camila joins Billy for a portion of the tour, it’s with a white-on-white-on-white ensemble that must be one of many high matches of Daisy Jones & The Six Season 1. She’s additionally able to celebration, and joins The Six and crew in a resort suite the place champagne flows to the grooves of Kool & the Gang’s “Hollywood Swinging.” Camila additionally deftly intercepts a drink Nicky pours for Billy, and later, when she steps out for some air, Eddie’s there on the balcony. He desires to speak about what occurred again in Los Angeles. He says he could be there for her once more. But Camila sighs. “I’m glad it occurred,” she tells the curmudgeonly bassist. “It’s simply by no means gonna occur once more.”

At a press convention, reporters goad Daisy and Billy with awkward quotes from the Rolling Stone function and questions on who impressed who on which track. They argue nostril to nostril like an umpire and a supervisor. At one level, there’s virtually a replay of the The Kiss. And a efficiency of “The River” turns into a public argument in duet kind. Daisy can also be utilizing fairly closely – tablets, positive, and booze, but additionally the vat of cocaine that Nicky retains bedside – and Billy’s fear over her situation manifests as anger. “I see you continue to like to look at,” she hisses whereas snorting traces earlier than a present, and a run via “Regret Me” contains a fucked up Daisy doing bumps onstage.

We additionally see Daisy obtain a letter, forwarded from LA to her resort in New Orleans. She tosses it within the trash solely to fish it out, however we by no means see the contents or who it’s from. Tellingly, it was addressed to “Margaret ‘Daisy’ Jones.”

Now it’s June 1977, a number of months out from the place we all know this entire factor detonated, and it’s confrontation time within the inexperienced room of a present in Miami. Daisy’s overdoing it, Billy says. You simply need her to want you, Nicky retorts. And fists begin to fly. Graham is about to restrain his brother when Warren places up a hand. Hollup, let him prepare dinner. “I’d been desirous to punch that royal prick since Tulsa,” the drummer says within the current. But when Rod lastly breaks it up and The Six hit the stage, there’s dangerous vitality percolating. Daisy spins out and tumbles into the drum riser, chopping her leg open within the course of, and Billy pulls her off the stage. “You’re finished!” he shouts at her in a job reversal of his personal drug-fueled onstage meltdown from a number of years again. But the group is looking her identify. Daisy shakes him off and returns to the stage to carry out a startling, solo a capella model of “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb),” the unique and nonetheless strongest messaging system between the 2 singers. “It’s not only a track, Rod,” Billy frets later to the supervisor. “It’s a fucking mutiny.” And he stalks down the resort corridor with a thoughts to kick Daisy out of The Six.


Not so quick, as a result of Nicky is shifty and in hysterics when Billy bangs on the door. Their newest bacchanal of booze and coke has ended with Daisy in a heap on the toilet ground, not respiration, her pallor terrible. Rod, the veteran tour supervisor, telephones a particular physician – “toothache in room 1205” – whereas Nicky unexpectedly packs a bag. He says he “can’t be right here,” and bolts for the exit. His new bride, crumpled and maybe OD’ing? And he runs? Now that is a few punchable habits. And it suggests all shouldn’t be what it appears with the dashing Irish prince. But there’s no time to take care of Nicky, as a result of Daisy continues to be unconscious. Billy holds her because the Bellamy Brothers’ “Let Your Love Flow” surges and chimes on the soundtrack, and he or she lastly involves in his arms. “It’s you,” she whimpers, wanting up at her fave argument companion.

There are two episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six remaining, and, at the least in line with the collection timeline, about three months of touring left earlier than Daisy, Billy, and the most important band in America depart all of it on the stage. 

Needle drops in Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 8: 

Sweet, “Ballroom Blitz”

Boston, “More Than a Feeling”

Daisy Jones & The Six, “Kill You to Try”

Floyd Smith, “The Bump”

Daisy Jones & The Six, “Two Against Three”

The Jam, “In the City”

Kool & The Gang, “Hollywood Swinging”

Baby, “Life’s What You Make It”

The Bellamy Brothers, “Let Your Love Flow”

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