When we get our annual bodily checkups, we assume all the things shall be alright health-wise. And even when it is not, we will nonetheless management our well being by making a number of easy adjustments in our way of life. However, as a diabetic affected person, all the things turns into rather more difficult. You must preserve your weight in verify, avoid varied sorts of meals, continuously verify your blood sugar ranges, and a lot extra. While we might not be in a position that will help you with all the things, we will actually recommend you some recipes that may assist handle diabetes. For the identical, right here we carry you some yummy and nutritious idli recipes that may be loved on a diabetes eating regimen.

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Here Are 5 Idli Recipes For Diabetes Diet

1. Multigrain Idli (Our recommendation)

Making idlis out of various grains is nothing new; all you must do is swap out the rice for bajra, ragi, and jowar flours, together with a small quantity of complete wheat. Fenugreek seeds are additionally added to this dish. This idli may need a special style, however it’s extremely nutritious.

Multigrain Idli

2. Methi Moong Dal Idli

Since fenugreek seeds are wealthy in fiber, they’re among the many meals which can be most useful in controlling blood sugar ranges. It digests step by step, permitting blood sugar to not spike. This, blended with moong dal, makes for an amazing idli recipe!

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3. Suji Idli

The addition of carrots to this wholesome idli variation provides your idlis a extra healthful and nutritious twist. These fluffy idlis go effectively with tangy, sizzling tomato chutney. Do attempt them!

Masala Rava Idli


Dals’ excessive protein content material retains us full for a number of hours, slows digestion, and prevents blood sugar rise. Additionally, spinach has a particularly low glycaemic index. It has a number of polyphenols and vitamin C, two vitamins which can be thought to assist management blood sugar ranges.

Diabetes Diet: This Easy Moong Dal-Palak Idli May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

5. Cucumber Idli

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A easy breakfast meals that’s notably well-liked in Karnataka and the Konkani area is cucumber idli. The smartest thing about this idli recipe is that steps like fermentation or soaking usually are not needed. This recipe will be made immediately.

Cucumber Idli

So, the following time you want a South Indian feast, attempt these idli recipes!

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