While naturally-glowing pores and skin have their attraction, the attraction of glittery makeup merchandise for an immediate makeover is unbeatable. Whether you utilize a highlighter over your cheekbones or some shimmery eyeshadow on your lids, glitter could make every part look glamourous. But, have you learnt what makes these merchandise shine? Mica — a mined mineral that’s related to environmental, moral and even little one labour points. According to a Dutch group’s mica mining report, out of all types of hazardous work, mining is by far essentially the most harmful for kids. But sadly, children are specifically employed for mica mining in states like Jharkhand and Bihar, as they’ll simply manoeuvre via the slim mines and attain small areas.

In the wake of this situation, several makeup manufacturers have pledged to go mica-free and are as an alternative utilizing artificial mica, often known as fluorphlogopite. Here are some Indian manufacturers and worldwide ones that ship to India, that are steering away from unethical practices.

100% vegan

A Mumbai-based model, Kiro Clean Beauty, makes use of ethically-sourced uncooked supplies, together with mica. Their in-house beauty merchandise is 100% vegan, animal cruelty-free and paraben-free.


A vegan, pure and gluten-free American magnificence model, Red Apple Lipstick, sources all of its elements from the United States, and some from Europe and Canada. Their technique of sourcing mica doesn’t contain little labour and is procured from locations the place employees are paid pretty.

Eco-friendly packaging

An American vegan makeup model, Clove + Hallow, claims to be child-labour free and sources mica from their very own nation, as an alternative to Africa or India, the place its mining entails little labour. When it involves packaging, they use post-consumer recycled plastics, bioplastics, infinitely recyclable glass and refillable choices for their merchandise.

Own provide chain

An American model, Au Naturale, presents a clear magnificence cosmetics line. Their micas are little labour-free, mined, processed and distributed sustainably worldwide. The suppliers do every part from harvesting and processing to distribution, internally.

Synthetic mica

Fat and the Moon, a shower, physique and sweetness firm that finds its roots in herbalist traditions, makes use of artificial mica in its merchandise. The mica utilized by this American model is lab-created and never mined. It is made utilizing pure elements that mimic mined mica.

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