Mint or pudina can add flavour and pack a nutritional punch to your summer recipes and there are various methods one can embody this historical herb in on a regular basis meals be it tea, shakes, smoothies, curries, and even desserts. When the searing summer warmth will get insufferable, one wants greater than ice lotions, sodas and shakes to keep cool. (Also learn: Ayurveda expert suggests 10 natural cooling drinks to beat the heat)

Mint, the fragrant herb, revered for its medicinal properties since time immemorial is understood to have originated in Asia and Mediterranean nations and apparently Greeks named it after their legendary character known as Mintha, the river nymph. There are a number of kinds of mint from apple, lemon, banana, strawberry to chocolate mint and the herb is broadly utilized in cough and chilly, pain-relief medicines in addition to flavouring agent in confectionary gadgets and different dishes.

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, who has been sharing fascinating nuggets about a number of summer meals on her Instagram account as a part of her summer superfoods sequence, in her current publish talked about the many benefits of pudina.

Menthol in mint provides your digestive system a soothing impact.(Pixabay)

Beats warmth, nice for pores and skin

“Pudina has all the time been the summer staple in our nation. Not solely it has an instantaneous cooling impact in the physique, but it surely’s additionally nice for the pores and skin. It can be utilized in varied methods, proper from chutney to serving as a garnish in your summer drinks and many extra,” she wrote.

Soothes digestive system

Explaining the benefits of mint or pudina, Ganeriwal says it has a compound known as menthol that provides your digestive system a soothing impact and helps preserve acidity and summer lethargy at bay.

Treats summer headache, rejuvenates pores and skin

She additionally advises one to have it to eliminate these summer headache. Consuming mint is not going to solely provide help to to really feel recent, it’s going to even have a refreshing impact in your pores and skin. “What it additionally does is preserve your pores and skin very good, recent and wholesome which suggests you aren’t going to expertise any of the summer breakouts, pimples and all of these issues contemplating mint has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,” says the creator of recently-released The Belly and Brain Diet.

Mint Tea recipe to beat summer blues

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal additionally shares recipe of Mint tea for her followers that may assist individuals to take care of summer zits and warmth rashes in scorching climate.


* 6-7 mint leaves

* 1 cup scorching water


– Add the mint leaves to 1 cup of scorching water

– Let it seep for 10 minutes

– Strain and drink scorching

Mint leaves are wealthy in vitamin A, vitamin C, and B-complex, phosphorous, calcium, and has anti-bacterial properties. It can be recognized to enhance haemoglobin ranges and promote wholesome mind operate. Mint leaves additionally support in weight reduction as it is vitally low in energy.

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