As the heatwave makes a comeback after short-term reduction from the showers a few days again, as soon as once more it is time to search for refreshing recipes to beat the warmth and additionally those that don’t require us to spend an excessive amount of time within the kitchen sweating and feeling uncomfortable. The good factor is there isn’t any dearth of contemporary greens and fruits in summer that may simply be reworked into mouth-watering meals.

In summer, well being consultants say one ought to try to incorporate extra cucumbers, fennel seeds, coconut water, pomegranate, melons, squashes, and different lighter greens than the leafy greens or whole-grain pulses.

Nina Maria Saldanha Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospital, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore, suggests 3 refreshing summer recipes.

1. Zesty Green Margarita


Ice Cubes

Lemon Juice: 1 tbsp.

Raw Mango: 20 g

Mint Leaves: 5-6 leaves

Kiwi: 50 g

Honey: 1-1 ½ tsp. (as per style).

Salt: 1 pinch, 1 tbsp (for garnish)

Water: 100 ml

Chaat Masala: a pinch

Lemon Wedge, Lemon Slice: 1 no. (every)


• Add all of the elements to a blender, and combine effectively.

• Use the lemon wedge to grease the rim of a glass, and then place the greased a part of the glass on a small plate containing the salt, to coat the greased rim of the glass.

• Make a small slit within the lemon wedge, and insert it over the rim of the glass.

• Pour the blended icy juice, into the glass, and garnish with chaat masala, and a mint sprig.

• Serve chilly.

2. Citrus Quinoa Blast


Quinoa – 150 g (cooked)

Walnuts – 3 nos. (roughly chopped, roasted)

Raisins – 5 nos. (roughly chopped)

Flax seeds – 1 tsp. (roasted)

Chia seeds – 1 tsp. (roasted)

Bell peppers – 2 tbsp. (chopped small)

Pomegranate seeds – 2 Tbsp.

Corn (boiled) – 2 Tbsp.

Cherry tomatoes – 2 nos.

Orange: ½-1 no. (peeled and deseeded).

Pamela: 100 g (solely flesh)

Grilled paneer/rooster/tofu – 50 g (roughly chopped)

Lettuce – 1 Leaf (washed totally, roughly chopped)


Olive Oil – ½ Tbsp.

Salt – to style

Pepper – to style

Lime juice – 1 tsp.


• In a small bowl, add all of the elements for the dressing, and whisk effectively; preserve apart.

• In a big bowl, add all the principle elements for the salad and calmly toss.

• Pour on the salad dressing and toss effectively to coat.

• Serve at room temperature or chilly.

3. Kiwi Lemon Mango Cheesecake


Kiwi: 2 nos. + ½ no. (ripe)

Mango: 1 no. + ½ no. (ripe)

Lemons: (juice of two lemons)

Sugar: 150 g

Hung Curd: 300-500 ml

Biscuits: 10 nos.

Butter: 1 tsp. melted. +1 tbsp.

Condensed Milk: 50 ml.

Cornflour: 1 tsp.

Gelatin: 1 tsp.


• Kiwi Lemon Mango Curd:

– Zest the lemons and combine with sugar, and preserve apart.

– Post zesting, extract the juice and preserve it individually.

– Mix cornflour and water, and preserve apart.

– Make a puree of mango and kiwi, and preserve it apart

– In a pan, on low warmth, add the lemon zest and sugar combination, and stir effectively.

– Once the sugar begins to dissolve, add the butter and lemon and combine effectively, to this combination add the puree of mango and kiwi, and combine effectively.

– Slowly and steadily add the condensed milk, to this combination, whereas stirring repeatedly.

– Add the cornflour slurry, and combine effectively.’

– Cook on sluggish for 10-15 minutes, stirring repeatedly, until the curd calmly coats the again of the blending spoon.

– Take out a small portion (for garnish), and enable the whole combination to chill.

• The Base:

– Make a nice powder for the biscuits

– Add the melted butter to the biscuit powder, and combine effectively.

– Place the biscuit combination alongside the bottom of a spring-form pan/ glass serving dish.

– Firmly press the combination down utilizing a small cup.

– Place the bottom within the fridge for 30 mins-1 hr.

• Cheesecake combination:

– Add 1 tbsp. of scorching water to gelatin powder, combine it effectively, and preserve apart to bloom,

– Take the hung curd in a mixing bowl, and whip it effectively.

– Gradually add the chilly Kiwi Lemon Mango Curd, whereas whipping the combination.

– Once the Kiwi Lemon Mango Curd and hung curd has been blended effectively, add the bloomed gelatin, and whip totally.

• Final Preparation:

– Slowly pour the cheesecake combination into the dish/tin containing the chilly biscuit base.

– Allow this to set within the fridge for 4-6 hours (for greatest results- depart it in a single day).

– Once the combination has set, gently pour a skinny layer of the remaining Kiwi Lemon Mango curd onto the cheesecake, and depart it to set for 1-2 hours.

– Garnish with thinly slivered slices of ripe mango and kiwi.

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