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Guest Post Content Tips & Terms of Service


The guiding light behind our blog is to share content that’s educational, engaging, and entertaining … not product-focused or promotional.

We’ve built a high level of trust with our customers because they know we will never push something on them that we don’t 110% believe is in their best interests, even when that means telling them not to use our services. Being overly self-promotional destroys that trust, even if your advice is good.

Instead, use our blog to showcase your expertise with potential new customers. If people find your content valuable, they’ll research you all on their own. Likewise, our team will happily use your content to make warm introductions to you when appropriate.

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Posts should be 1,000 – 1,500+ words in length. We find this is a sweet spot with our readership, and you’ll fit in with the rest of our blog this way. Longer is good, too.

Break up your content, so it’s easy to read. This means including headings, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual elements to increase the readability of your piece.

Write in a natural, conversational tone. We want to share content that is authoritative, but not robotic. We’re producing blog content — not Wikipedia pages, so don’t shy away from showing off your sense of humour.

All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We do not accept duplicate or syndicated content as guest posts. If your post has appeared anywhere else on the web, we can’t publish it on our blog. If you quote other content, link to it. You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to it.

Always name your sources. We understand that you’re an expert, but our audience might not be so sure. If you’re going to drop some stats (ie: “open rates jumped 55 per cent overnight”), link back to the original source.

Talk about your real-world experience. Talk about mistakes you’ve made, plans you’ve built, and strategies you’ve executed. Draw on your own personal experience to speak authoritatively about what you know.

Take a position. If you disagree with common wisdom on a topic, talk about why the mainstream point of view is wrong or misleading. Back up your perspective with facts. Take screenshots. Include interesting data. Support your arguments with external references.

It is the Team’s sole decision as to whether your article is published and for how long. There are no guarantees made that your article(s) will be published. Quality matters. We reserve the right to remove your article(s) and/or membership account at any time for any reason.

Agree not to put any of the articles found on this site to any website that also contains warez, illegal mp3 or other files, instructions on how to make bombs or steal, or expressions that promote hatred or profanity or racism or bigotry or contain pornography or exploits children or animals or any human, or any other unlawful activities. is advertiser supported. We reserve the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles.

The Editorial Team reserves the right to re-classify your article in a topic category that may be more suitable than originally submitted.