INDIO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 15: Harry Styles performs onstage at the Coachella Stage during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 15, 2022 in Indio, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ABA)

Oh, Harry Styles, how may we probably sum up the person who’s all the time doing essentially the most? Between headlining Coachella, dominating TikTok with the primary single from his album “Harry’s House,” and remodeling right into a bona-fide film star with “Don’t Worry Darling,” it is no secret the person is overflowing with expertise. And as anybody who is aware of and loves Styles can attest, the musician is not simply magnetic due to his considerate lyrics, incredible live performances, or famous person vocals. He’s additionally earned a status for being genuine and personable, and he has a reasonably incredible fashion sense.

When his model is kind of actually “Treat People With Kindness,” it is clear to see why so many followers really feel like they belong in Styles’s group and why his loving, rainbow-filled world is one which conjures up and excites his fan base. If you wish to get to know Styles on a extra celestial degree, you are in luck. POPSUGAR spoke with astrologer Nautica Flowers to unveil the mysteries of Styles’s beginning chart.

The Big 3

In your beginning chart, your large three refers to your sun, moon, and rising signs. These indicators embody your general essence, consisting of your core id, moods, and portrayal of your self. You can discover these by utilizing a web based birth-chart calculator, however to be able to know your rising signal, you want to know your beginning time. Thankfully, Styles’s beginning time is publicly obtainable, so we have been capable of get the news on some intimate astrological particulars.

Aquarius Sun

Your solar signal is often the signal most recognizable to others that represents the core of who you’re. Styles’s solar signal is the rebellious Aquarius, who’re referred to as the activists and quite bizarre of us of the zodiac. Having an Aquarius solar implies Styles is not afraid to march to the beat of his personal drum, and he additionally stands up for individuals who do the identical. This could be seen by means of Harry’s fixed dedication to the LGBTQ+ group.

“Aquarius is understood for being eccentric and eclectic, which it is clear to see Harry Styles has constructed a status for himself as each over time,” Flowers tells POPSUGAR. “I usually name Aquarians ‘the aliens of the zodiac’ as a result of they have an inclination to stand out from the group and like to do issues in their very own distinctive approach. Thinking about Harry Styles in One Direction, he was all the time the one which most individuals knew and the one who went on to have a totally completely different solo profession than the remainder.”

Libra Moon

Our moon signal signifies our moods and emotional responses. Styles’s moon is within the diplomatic and balanced sign of Libra. Libras are all about conserving the peace and discovering frequent floor, so it is doubtless he understands discover and restore stability if feelings run excessive.

“With Harry’s moon within the signal of creative creativity and wonder, a Libra moon like Harry is vulnerable to expressing his emotions in stunning methods — resulting in ballads like ‘Falling,’ for instance,” Flowers says. For Libras, exterior aesthetics are vital, however so are significant relationships; they’re dominated by the seventh home of partnerships, in spite of everything. “Libra guidelines romantic relationships particularly, and so him creating ‘Fine Line,’ a whole album made to course of a relationship and leaving it, should have been deeply therapeutic for him to do,” Flowers provides.

Libra Rising

When you initially meet somebody, you most likely acknowledge their rising signal first. That’s as a result of your rising sign is your portrayal or assertion of the self. Styles’s rising signal can also be in Libra, so he is all about expressing his aesthetic, clearly proven by his sartorial type. “Libra guidelines trend, design, and wonder, which completely aligns with Harry’s ventures into the style world and his rise as a male trend icon,” Flowers says. “It is smart for Harry to be awarded essentially the most fashionable man of 2020 by GQ! Libra risings are recognized to be well mannered, respectful, and well-liked people, and so Harry’s status as being candy and charming aligns.” Being a trend icon is enormous Libra-rising vitality.

Personal Planets and Aquarius Stellium

Along along with your solar, moon, and rising, you’ve got private planets that make up sure features of your character. These private planets are your Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These planets reveal your aggression, willpower, aesthetic, and even types of communication. An fascinating a part of Styles’s beginning chart is that he has an Aquarius stellium, that means three or extra planets are housed in a single signal. For Styles, meaning his Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all in Aquarius, making Aquarian traits ultraconcentrated in his astrological character.

Aquarius Mercury

Your Mercury represents your communication type, the way you reply, and the way you categorical your self by means of writing or different types of communication. Styles’s Mercury signal is in Aquarius, which is manifested explicitly by means of a few of his weirder or extra obscure lyrics, like, “When she’s alone she goes residence to a cactus,” from his music “Kiwi.” Aquarians are additionally all about equality, which is so apparent along with his catchphrase: deal with individuals with kindness. “Everything Aquarian pushes us outdoors of the norm and the limiting field of expectations,” Flowers says. “Harry’s going to proceed to encourage waves of individuals to be their most genuine selves with out worry of standing out or being completely different.”

Aquarius Mars and Venus

When it involves Mars and Venus, Styles is peak Aquarius. Mars guidelines aggression and willpower, whereas Venus guidelines romance and aesthetics, so having these planets stationed in the identical signal could point out a powerful interconnectedness between the 2. Aquarians aren’t simply licensed oddballs; additionally they advocate for others. They’re dominated by the eleventh home of society, which explains why Styles has all the time been so vocal about human rights and equality.

“Both of those in Aquarius can clarify why Harry has answered quite a few interview questions on his sexuality or gender id by explaining that he doesn’t imagine in labels or any limitations to how individuals love and dwell,” Flowers explains. No labels, nonconformity, and inspiring completely different views? That’s as Aquarian as you may get!

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