Tattoos are types of physique modifications the place inks or pigments are inserted into the dermis layer of the pores and skin to create patterns or designs. Usually, they’re everlasting. However, tattooed pores and skin ought to be taken care of. Tattoos typically make the pores and skin inclined to allergy symptoms and rashes. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr Nivedita Dadu, Dermatologist, Founder and Chairman, Dadu Medical Center, mentioned, “Tattooed pores and skin wants totally different care from the non-tattooed pores and skin. We want to commonly moisturise our tattooed pores and skin with a moisturiser to fight the extreme dryness and damage to the pores and skin.”

Dr Nivedita Dadu additional famous down how tattooed pores and skin ought to be moisturised and the way additional care ought to be taken of it. They are right here as follows:

Moisturising advantages: Regular moisturising of the tattooed pores and skin helps in creating a skinny membrane on the pores and skin, which helps in defending the tattoo. It additionally helps in producing new pores and skin cells.

Over-moisturising: How a lot moisturising is an excessive amount of moisturising? Over-moisturising can lead to clogging of the pores and breakouts within the pores and skin. Usually, a skinny layer of ointment or lotion to the tattoo space is sufficient because the tattooed pores and skin wants to breathe as nicely.

Reduce irritation: “Regular moisturising on the tattooed pores and skin may also help to scale back irritation, itching, and scabbing on the tattooed pores and skin. Keeping the pores and skin moisturised makes the tattoos seem brighter. Dry pores and skin displays mild and might make tattoos seem lighter or light. But if the pores and skin is moisturised correctly, it doesn’t replicate mild. As lengthy because the pores and skin stays moisturised, the looks of the tattoo will likely be higher,” mentioned the Dermatologist.

The splendid moisturiser: Gentle, unscented, and dermatologically examined – three must-haves in a super moisturiser. In case of going out to purchase a moisturiser, it’s endorsed to purchase an ointment or a lotion as they’re good sources of nutritional vitamins and minerals for the physique as nicely.

Natural components: “We ought to all the time search for a moisturiser with pure components. You ought to moisturise your tattoo 2-3 occasions a day, which is each 8 – 12 hours a day. The technique of moisturising tattooed pores and skin is totally different for every particular person in accordance to the pores and skin sort,” Dr Nivedita Dadu additional added. She additionally added that the best time to moisturise tattooed pores and skin is within the morning, night and after having a shower to cease them drying out.