Talk about an odd couple as the complete Internet wen’t bananas over a TikTok video the place Paris Hilton seems getting ready for a date evening with Tom Cruise? At first glace, that is precisely what it looks as if however the truth is a bit of bit stunning. In the video, the socialite is loving each minute of that prepping with a person who does look precisely like Tom Cruise. Or does he?

As they each seem to prepare for a date, it turns into evident that the man getting ‘cozy’ with Paris Hilton will not be actually the Top Gun star. What we’re taking a look at is certainly one of the most well-known deep pretend actors in the world proper now, he’s the Tom Cruise specialist. But because it tends to occur with deep fakes, lots of people really believed this was Tom Cruise.

Who is Miles Fisher?

Miles Fisher is the man behind the Tom Cruise deep fakes, he has made a profession on social media for doing a little hilarious skits whereas trying precisely like the actor. In truth, taking a look at him with out the deep pretend face reminds us of Tom Cruise as a result of they do look alike fairly a bit.

You gotta assume how a lot he cherished the concept of turning into Tom Cruise for these deep pretend movies as quickly as the know-how was obtainable. There are numerous movies Miles makes with a number of ofthe largest Youtubers or TikTok stars. But Paris Hilton is amongst his favourite individuals to do these movies with. We particularly keep in mind one the place they’re merely consuming cereal, it is fairly humorous.

So in brief. No, Paris Hilton will not be dating Tom Cruise however lots of people fell for the joke. The socialite is definitely fortunately married to enterprise capitalist and American writer Carter Reum. He was proper there by his spouse’s facet when Hilton confirmed up in Washington D.C. to protest about sexual abuse on troubled teenagers.

If Paris is doing these movies with Miles Fisher, there isn’t any doubt that her husband is effectively conscious of them. Tom Cruise has in all probability already seen these deep pretend movies and puzzled how this know-how works. Frankly, fascinated by the potential deep fakes have is form of scary in a way.

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