After interviewing celebrities, athletes, and politicians for the previous twenty years, there was one notable individual Jimmy Kimmel hadn’t interviewed: himself.

On the twentieth anniversary of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the late-night host used superior know-how to have a dialog together with his 2003 self.

Kimmel, 55, requested for side-by-side images of his current self and from his first episode as the youthful Kimmel got here to life greeting his future self.

“Nice beard, Grandpa” the clean-shaven host started.

“Why are you so skinny? Oh no, am I dying?” the youthful Kimmel added.

“No you’re not dying, that is what you appear like in 20 years,” Present day Kimmel stated.


The duo later mentioned how ridiculous it was for the show to stay on the air since its premiere on January 26, 2003.

Jimmy Kimmel talks with his younger self during the 20th Anniversary show of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday, Jan 26.
Jimmy Kimmel talks together with his youthful self throughout the twentieth Anniversary show of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday, Jan 26.
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“Speaking of ridiculous,” the older Kimmel stated, “take a guess on who was president up till a few years ago?”

“Uhh, Flava Flav,” the youthful Kimmel answered earlier than guessing Michael Jackson and Matt Damon, a nod to the on-screen feud the host has with the actor.

After speaking about their longtime nemesis, the youthful Jimmy requested the way it was attainable for the 2 of them to be speaking to one another.

“We have wonderful know-how now,” Kimmel stated. “We’ve bought 3-D printers, we bought electrical vehicles, we bought electrical cigarettes now. Marijuana’s authorized.”

“Get the f–okay out of right here! Are you excessive proper now?” youthful Kimmel stated in disbelief. “I’m baked out of my thoughts proper now,” present-day Kimmel added. I’m so excessive proper now, it appears like I’m speaking to myself.”

Kimmel's guests Thursday night was a throwback to his first show, featuring Snoop Dogg and George Clooney.
Kimmel’s friends Thursday night time was a throwback to his first show, that includes Snoop Dogg and George Clooney.

The remainder of Thursday night time’s show featured the identical line-up of friends who graced Kimmel’s stage in his first show, together with George Clooney, Snoop Dogg, and a efficiency from British rock band Coldplay.

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