Menopause or everlasting cessation of menses is a part of the ageing course of and happens after not getting durations for 12 consecutive months or a yr. With age, the ovarian exercise progressively declines and this may increasingly start as early as the age of 35. With menopause, ovarian exercise additionally ceases which suggests the ovaries cease making estrogen and progesterone hormones and likewise don’t launch eggs anymore, thereby halting the strategy of being pregnant. The common age for menopause in ladies ranges from 42 to 53 years. (See pics: Natural sources of estrogen to ease menopause symptoms)

As the estrogen ranges begin happening progressively, one might even see signs like scorching flashes and irregular durations months and even years earlier than precise menopause. This stage known as perimenopause. Dr. Ranjana Dhanu, Consultant OBGY & Gynaecology talks about signs that present one is approaching menopause.


Dr Dhanu says as the estrogen ranges go down, endorphins or really feel good hormones can also endure due to which temper swings might be skilled.


Hormonal modifications may set off scorching flashes, at occasions a number of occasions throughout the day, on account of alteration in the thermoregulatory clock.


An increase in the incidence of urinary tract infections and vaginal infections is noticed throughout perimenopause with thinning of the mucosa of the Uro genital tract throughout the menopause.


Dyspareunua or painful sexual activity and decreased libido are additionally manifestations of estrogen deficiency related to the menopause.


The delayed results of the menopause are osteopenia and osteoporosis on account of fast bone resorption or osteoclastic exercise therefore posing a threat of fractures of the wrist or hip joint specifically. Severe osteoporosis of the backbone can result in interspinous fractures resulting in a dowager’s hump.


Alzheimer’s can also be a delayed manifestation of the menopause and estrogen deficiency. Luckily as our indian diets comprise of asafoetida (hing) and turmeric (haldi) we see a lesser incidence of Alzheimer’s as in comparison with the Caucasians.

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