Matthew McConaughey is a reduce above most political celebrities.

He doesn’t spit hearth and brimstone like director Rob Reiner or Alyssa Milano. Nor does he bend the reality till it snaps like a department, because the “View” hosts do on a regular basis.

The Oscar winner is calm, measured and unwilling to demonize the mainstream Left or Right.

In a manner, he’s every thing we wish in a celeb sticking his neck out on the problems of the day. Except he simply made the most important mistake of his quasi-political life.

He selected a facet. And he selected badly for various causes.

McConaughey’s current gun management plea, made by way of the present White House’s invitation, received’t be simply forgotten. His coverage solutions proved generic and unlikely to maneuver the needle on gun violence.

Then once more, why would anybody count on the “Dallas Buyers Club” star to set forth any daring new agendas? He’s an actor, not a gun management skilled. He brings a layman’s contact to the topic, which means there’s little cause for him to even be on such an vital political stage.

It’s one factor for a celeb to share a sizzling tackle Twitter. It’s one other to journey to Washington, D.C. and demand stated take be given all of the gravitas of a State of the Union handle.

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Figures like John Lott and Dana Loesch have been enmeshed in weapons for years, if not a long time. Agree or disagree with their opinions, they’ve studied the subject aggressively and provide sober insights.

What has McConaughey performed to measure up?

More importantly, the star has been fastidiously straddling the road between Democrat and Republican in recent times. He’s teased running for Texas governor, inserting himself into numerous narratives alongside the way in which.

And he’s performed so with out selecting a celebration. That’s no accident.

Embracing generic gun management platitudes, from the Biden White House pulpit of all locations, modified that. And he did it at a second when Team Biden is on its heels, pounded by horrible polling numbers and dealing with a Red Wave come November.

It’s not politically good to align oneself with the shedding horse.

Not solely did McConaughey decide a political facet, he did so on the worst potential time. Today’s Democratic occasion doesn’t resemble the one President Barack Obama commandeered only a few brief years in the past.

It’s offended, uncompromising and beholden to its far-Left base. And that appears to conflict with every thing the actor represents.

The trendy Left seems the opposite manner when its facet commits political violence, or it implicitly eggs it on. It gently nods as crazed protesters descend on the homes of Supreme Court Justices, assuming the authorized eagles lean to the Right.

McConaughey’s “new” facet typically demands abortion up until birth, cheers on Big Tech censorship and champions Cancel Culture.

The actor could not embrace these excessive measures, however his new occasion does. And how will Democrats take to McConaughey’s kinder, gentler method? They’ll rage in opposition to his willingness to defend Trump voters, as he’s performed previously. They’ll steam over his incapability to demonize the opposite facet.

Conservatives provide an even bigger tent at present, witness Dr. Oz’s major victory in Pennsylvania. Or, nearer to Hollywood, have a look at how the Right rallies behind left-leaning comics like Ricky Gervais, Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle.

Republicans may need made room for a center-leaning soul who simply so occurred to be a film star. Democrats could cheer McConaughey on as he pushes extra gun management measures, however each different time he opens his mouth they’ll demand he shut it, and quick.

The political neophyte will be taught that lesson quickly sufficient.

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