This decades-long movie star love affair is formally pushing daisies.

Miley Cyrus determined to nip all rumors within the bud and set the record straight regarding the demise of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth when she not so subtly released the breakup banger “Flowers” on Friday the 13th.

The pair, who married in 2018 solely to divorce a 12 months later, as soon as once more made headlines on January 13, 2023. Not solely did the date sign that her relationship was cursed, she additionally made positive to drop the observe on Hemsworth’s thirty third birthday, simply to clear up any confusion if anybody puzzled whom the article of her infliction was.

The slights don’t cease there of us because the track contained varied references to the couple’s uncoupling together with the fire that destroyed their marital home and the metaphorical ashes of their decade lengthy relationship.

Fans and vigilant popular culture conspiracy theorists famous that “Flowers” samples the Bruno Mars observe “When I Was Your Man,” a woeful tune that Hemsworth is rumored to have devoted to Cyrus.

The video for “Flowers,” sees Cyrus wanting fireplace in a gold lame costume as she struts up the driveway of a picturesque residence, stopping to reenact a dance transfer that Hemsworth once low key publicly shamed her for.

We’re not performed, not even shut.

Miley Cyrus, 30, has confirmed the release of a new single titled "Flowers" on Jan. 13 — her ex-husband's birthday.
Miley Cyrus, 30, has confirmed the discharge of a brand new single titled “Flowers” on Jan. 13 — her ex-husband’s birthday.
mileycyrus/Instagram; Getty Images

Later within the clip, Cyrus is seen stripping down to black lingerie for a dip in the home’s pool, getting down to nothing in a bathe scene, and dressing up in black menswear for a solo sundown dance session. Fans have speculated that the swimsuit Cyrus wears within the video is supposed to echo one worn by Hemsworth on the “Avengers: Endgame,” premiere in 2019. On pink carpet footage from that night time, Hemsworth can be seen telling Cyrus to “behave for once.”

Did Liam Hemsworth cheat on Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth obtained married in 2018, however break up up the next 12 months.
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S–t will get wilder and the shade doth mount, y’all. Twitter is presently abuzz with the rumor, propagated partially by Pop Tingz that the home the place Cyrus filmed “Flowers” was beforehand rented by Hemsworth to cheat on Cyrus with as many as 14 women.

True to her Scorpio moon, Cyrus has but to affirm or deny this rumor, however hell if it isn’t elevating her to scorned girl turned legend standing, sending a really sturdy birthday message to Hemsworth and pitching ‘”Flowers” to the highest of the charts.

With all this cloak and dagger, spilled tea, suspect habits, black lingerie, gold lame and haterade a flowing, we’re looking on the birth charts of each Cyrus and Hemsworth to see what drew them collectively, pulled them aside and continues to reverberate betwixt them.

Sun indicators = scorched earth

Cyrus and Hemsworth were married in 2018
The celebrities had been on and off for almost a decade earlier than divorcing in 2019.

Born November 23, 1992, Miley Cyrus is a pointy capturing Sagittarius sun with a cobwebs and controversy courting Scorpio moon. Her former husband Liam Hemsworth, born January 13, 1990 is a structured Capricorn sun with a love hungry Leo moon. On an elemental stage, Miley is a fire sign and Liam is earth.

At first look and to entertain cliches and hypothesis about their breakup, fireplace scorches earth but it surely ain’t that straightforward of us. When you add up the weather of their respective charts, Liam is certainly predominated by earth however Miley is extra water than fireplace. In this mixture, there’s numerous reciprocity and potential for development. If you consider love as, dare I say it, FLOWERS, then the mix of earth and water will be completely ample and a fertile place for transformation to happen and classes to be discovered.

On the opposite aspect of the grime lies the potential for earth to really feel drowned out by water and water to be blockaded by earth. I feel we will see all of this at work within the size and breadth of Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship. It appears, past the ache of current day, that the 2 cherished one another deeply and grew up collectively earlier than in the end rising aside.

The pirate and the principal

Hemswoth and Cyrus are a combo of Capricorn and Sagittarius AKA the optimist and the pragmatist.

In phrases of archetypes, Sagittarius is the seeker and Capricorn is the daddy determine. Do a pirate and a highschool principal make for a merry marriage? No of us, they don’t and what begins as intrigue between these two rapidly sours to irritation. Based on his birth chart and solar/moon mixture Hemsworth needs somebody that displays favorably on him, a constant journey or die who will be counted on to behave in accordance to his thought of propriety. Good time having, deep feeling Cyrus needs the liberty to be herself and the anchor of being seen and accepted by her associate. Cyrus’s solar/moon mixture counsel an excessive nature and a willingness to go full pressure and entire coronary heart in a dicey or dreamy route, say, marriage for instance.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - OCTOBER 01: Miley Cyrus performs in concert during day one of Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park on October 1, 2021 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for MC)
Deep feeling and ever altering, Miley Cyrus’s chart is dominated by water.
Getty Images for MC

Never had been the variations between Cyrus and Hemsworth’s solar indicators extra obvious than within the aforementioned and oft dissected clip from the “Avengers: Endgame” pink carpet whereby a playful Cyrus licks the face of a disapproving Hemsworth who asks “Could you behave for as soon as?” GTFO of right here with that my dude and no, by no means. Cyrus responded by gritting her tooth, pushing him away and continuing to stun and pose, a trajectory she appears to be persevering with by means of immediately.

Gone unchecked, dense Capricorn power can manifest as a conquerer sort of mentality and as Miley instructed you as soon as and instructed you once more, she will be able to’t be tamed however that doesn’t imply she hasn’t tried to tamper herself in oder to be seen as lovable, been there sis. As exhibited in these telling pink carpet clips, sea goats like Hemsworth will be fairly the punishing little piglets once they really feel provoked or disrespected and the extra caged a Sag like Cyrus feels the extra they may insurgent, revolt and wild out. Not a recipe for concord.

Mercury – talking totally different languages

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 22:  (L-R) Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus attend the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" at the Los Angeles
Hemsworth and Cyrus pictured on the fateful “Avengers: Endgame” premiere.
Getty Images for Disney

Mercury is our planet of communication and signifies our type of expression. Cyrus’ Mercury is in the dead of night dwelling, taboo loving signal of Scorpio whereas Hemsworth’s falls within the cautious, calculated signal of Capricorn. These two modalities of communication are at odds with each other as Scorpio expresses from a spot of emotion and Capricorn from a spot of technique and cause. When Cyrus sings “I should purchase myself flowers / Write my identify within the sand / Talk to myself for hours / Say belongings you don’t perceive,” she ain’t mendacity, of us.

Fixed moon face off

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 04:  Miley Cyrus (L) and  Liam Hemsworth attend the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage)
Cyrus and Hemsworth each have moons in unforgiving, mounted indicators.

In astrology, the moon represents our emotional nature, our shadows and squishy underbellies. Miley’s moon in Scorpio squares Liam’s moon in Leo. Both indicators are mounted that means they’re allergic to compromise, resistant to forgiveness and have a tendency to take love arduous, and an excellent very long time to get better from it. When sq. moons like Cyrus and Hemsworth mix, there’s numerous attraction, a heady quantity of non-public transformation and little or no peace in between. Take it from famous square moon exes Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Leo moons like Hemsworth’s are hungry. Leo is the signal of the solar and when it’s discovered within the emo realm of the moon, it equates to a necessity for an ungodly quantity of consideration, affection and assurance from their vital different. Magnetic and enjoyable loving, Leo moons simply draw others to them however their necessities will be all consuming with little or no room for compromise. When dissatisfied or disenchanted they get frosty AF and look outdoors the connection for validation.

"Hunger Games" hunk Liam Hemsworth looks good posing for Diesel.
Liam Hemsworth has a regal, worship prepared Leo moon

Scorpio moons like Miley are concurrently pulled towards and petrified of soul baring intimacy. They maintain numerous area for the darkness that others conceal and really feel betrayed once they aren’t given the identical grace. They love deep and (cue creepy whisper voice) “by no means let go,” simply ask matching Scorpio moon power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Spite is the spice of life for this lot and with “Flowers,” Cyrus is displaying us how good she appears to be like and the way far she’s come, however she’s additionally revealing how a lot she nonetheless cares bc belief me of us, you don’t destroy the birthday of somebody who doesn’t matter to you. Survival is the calling card and expression the elixir for Scorpio moons who outline themselves by what they’ve endured, overcome, and flourished due to. Pain reminds them of what they’re able to and a part of their course of in direction of therapeutic is to stand like a promised bonfire for these which are nonetheless feeling their approach by means of the darkish.

New loves, totally different solar indicators


Liam Hemsworth reveals his New Love in the New Year! Officially moving on from ex-wife Miley Cyrus… 

Liam was spotted hooking up with his new girlfriend, Aussie model Gabriella Brooks, at the beach in Byron Bay. 

The new couple weren’t shy of the PDA as they kissed and cuddled on the sand in front of beach goers. 

Gabriella and Liam spent New Years together, celebrating their new relationship with Liam’s family and friends.

Pictured: Liam Hemsworth,Gabriella Brooks
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Hemsworth is presently courting Taurus Gabriella Brooks.

We are totally different individuals with totally different individuals and maybe the agitation and infighting that outlined Cyrus and Hemsworth will abate of their new relationships. Following his divorce from Cyrus, Hemsworth has moved on and settled down with Taurus mannequin and fellow Aussie Gabriella Brooks. Both Hemsworth and Brooks are earth indicators, indicating their hierarchy of wants and method to life is considerably comparable. Both indicators are large on funding, privateness and maintaining appearances which bodes effectively for the lengthy sport.

Astrology 101: Your information to the celebrities

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 02: (EDITORS NOTE: This image has been retouched) Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando arrive at Gucci Love Parade on November 02, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Gucci)
Miley Cyrus pictured together with her Scorpio beau Maxx Morando.
Getty Images for Gucci

Cyrus’s new love, drummer and illustrator Maxx Morando is a Scorpio solar which bodes effectively for our woman shifting ahead and even when the (Scorpio) solar units on this romance we all know Miley will convey bangers forth from the breakup. Stay gold, keep up and carry on singing, child.

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