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  • “Ozempic face” is a time period used to explain the aesthetic results of taking the drug Ozempic.
  • As effectively as weight reduction, negative effects of the injection can embrace lack of facial quantity and sagging pores and skin.
  • Here’s what to find out about “Ozempic face” and methods to deal with it, in response to a dermatologist.

If you have been on the web at all around the final three months, you have greater than seemingly heard of the drug Ozempic. The model title of the semaglutide treatment is meant for use by individuals with kind two diabetes in an effort to enhance their blood sugar ranges and deal with urge for food. In addition to its use for a bunch of different well being issues, Ozempic is reportedly getting used off-label to help people lose weight in a brief period of time.

Ethics of the follow apart, some individuals who have used the drug for weight reduction are noticing a couple of further negative effects as soon as they cease taking it, specifically: “Ozempic” face, the gaunt facial look some might expertise post-injection. Think: hollowed cheekbones, sagging pores and skin, and total signs of aging. “‘Ozempic face’ refers to a lack of facial fats or subcutaneous adipose tissue, which may end up in adjustments within the look of the face,” dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, FAAD, tells POPSUGAR. “This could cause a sunken look.”

The meteoric rise in conversations surrounding Ozempic has subsequently resulted in accusations of “Ozempic face” flying at celebrities left and proper — even Barney acquired a speculative side-eye. If you are curious in regards to the newest discourse on the doable negative effects of the drug, Dr. Henry explains why Ozempic face happens in addition to how it may be addressed right here.

Why Does “Ozempic Face” Happen?

The reply as to why this sudden sagging occurs continues to be unclear. “The drug works by mimicking the exercise of a hormone referred to as glucagon-like peptide-1 or GLP-1, which regulates blood sugar ranges and urge for food,” Dr. Henry says. “It is assumed that extended stimulation of GLP-1 receptors within the physique might intervene with the storage and metabolism of fats in sure areas of the physique together with the face.”

In different phrases, if the physique is being compelled to manage blood sugar ranges and urge for food, it might not be capable of get again to homeostasis usually, inflicting fats to be saved (or in some circumstances misplaced) improperly. However, Dr. Henry does observe that the speedy lack of weight most probably causes Ozempic face as soon as customers cease taking the treatment.

How to Treat “Ozempic Face”

On the plus facet, there are methods to reverse “Ozempic face” (and that’s if the phenomenon even happens within the first place). “Some individuals might expertise partial or full reversal of the situation in the event that they cease taking the treatment,” Dr. Henry says. “Other remedies that will assist enhance the looks of the face embrace dermal fillers, a fats switch, or surgical interventions reminiscent of facelifts or facial implants.”

There is an opportunity that you could be not even get Ozempic face in any respect. But if you happen to do, these options are usually primarily beauty, so do observe that they most probably is not going to be coated by insurance coverage and may price upward of hundreds of {dollars}. Additionally, as with all different process, it would be best to go to a board-certified physician who can host a session to handle your issues and align together with your expectations correctly.

Example of “Ozempic Face”

While your well being selections are your individual, it’s crucial to know Ozempic needs to be used beneath very particular circumstances and may by no means be used as a fast solution to drop extra pounds. “Ozempic is an FDA-approved treatment for the therapy of kind 2 diabetes and for weight reduction in individuals with a physique mass index (BMI) of 27 or larger who even have at the very least one weight-related well being situation,” Dr. Henry says. “While it may be an efficient device for weight reduction, it’s not a magic bullet and needs to be used as a part of a complete weight reduction plan that features a nutritious diet and common train.”

The scarcity of Ozempic is indicative that its misuse is inflicting is one other problem totally, however if you happen to’re on the drug or are contemplating it and are involved about Ozempic face, prevention is all the time higher than a remedy. So as a substitute of worrying in regards to the sorts of procedures you’d want to repair this problem however are struggling to drop extra pounds, communicate to a trusted well being skilled who can give you wholesome and sustainable choices for long-term outcomes.

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