The journal Lecturas has contacted Gerard Pique‘s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, and claims that she is just not going via time.

The separation of her son and Shakira has been traumatic for her, it’s reported.

“She is devastated”, summarises the article. In truth, the singer has even requested her youngsters to not name Montserrat grandmother, which has been very laborious for the household of the previous Barcelona participant.

Montserrat Bernabeu had at all times labored, in accordance with Lecturas’ sources, to make the connection between the Colombian and the Catalan work. In addition, the connection between Pique‘s mother and father and his grandchildren has at all times been glorious. In this sense, the journal explains that when the footballer and the artist’s schedule compelled them to be away, they might have dinner and do their homework at their grandparents’ home.

The three triggers of the unhealthy relationship

Lecturas journal, in addition to reporting on her frame of mind, focuses on three particular episodes that ended up detonating the connection between Shakira and Pique‘s mother.

The first of those was a submit by the singer on social media, one thing that Montserrat Bernabeu noticed as a type of strain on the previous Barcelona


Another of the important thing components for the stress to develop was the publication of images of Gerard Pique and Clara Chia, his new accomplice, with the participant’s mother and father in La Cerdanya. The third level was extra bureaucratic, however symbolic: the separation of the community of firms that united the 2 households till the separation.

“You left me as a neighbour to my mother-in-law”

Part of the lyrics of Shakira‘s music with Bizarrap speaks immediately about Pique‘s mother: “You left me as a neighbour to my mother-in-law”.

In any case, Lecturas journal insists that Montserrat Bernabeu was at all times in favour of dialogue between her son and the Colombian artist and even claims that she tried to get the 2 events to reconcile. Something that, it appears, couldn’t be performed.

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