Despite dwelling a very regular life and being away from the highlight and glamor of Hollywood, Russell Crowe remains to be thought-about as the most effective actors of his era.

The man who starred in movies equivalent to ‘Gladiator’, ‘The Insider’ or ‘A Beautiful Mind’ lives in Australia, the place he got here very close to being bitten by a toxic snake, regardless that the venom is believed to be comparatively innocent.

Crowe took to Twitter to share a picture of the snake

“On the driveway, me and my buddy Bandy Bandy,” the well-known actor wrote.

“Thankfully, his markings broadcast his presence.

“Broke one among my very own guidelines, strolling exterior, at evening, with out sneakers.

“Somewhat reminder of the folly of that selection.”

Bandy-bandy: ‘The hoop snake’

The snake that the actor discovered on his driveway is a ‘Bandy-bandy’, higher generally known as a hoop snake.

Its widespread habitat is Coffs Harbour, close to the place Russell Crowe resides.

The size of this species is between 50 and 60 centimetres and its bites have localized signs across the affected space.

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