First observed in 1974, World Environment Day is now celebrated every year on June 05 on a global platform to spread awareness and inspire a positive change in the environment and Bollywood celebrities, including Sidharth Malhotra, are not far behind in channelling their massive fanbase to draw the attention towards the threat to the environment due to rising pollution levels and climate change. This Sunday, the Sidharth not only served the perfect fitness inspo as he nailed a shirtless handstand by the ocean waters but did so with a subtle World Environment Day twist and that is all the workout and eco-friendly motivation we need.

Want to burn unwanted calories this World Environment Day? Take health inspiration from the handsome hunk who took to his social media handle to share a picture that featured him at his drool-worthy best. Donning only a pair of bright crimson shorts, Sidharth was seen flaunting exceptional balancing skills and arm strength and we are already pulling out our Yoga mats to rope in the health benefits of Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

Standing upside down without any support and body balanced on his palms while his legs were raised upwards, Sidharth made our jaws drop to the floor in awe as he nailed a perfect handstand in the backdrop of the turquoise ocean waters meeting the azure blue sky at the horizon. Inspiring the travel and fitness enthusiast in us, Sid captioned the picture, “No water. No life. No blue. No green. – Sylvia Earle #WorldEnvironmentDay #SidFit (sic)” and we are bookmarking it as our new mantra.


The athletic activity or handstand exercise is called Adho Mukha Vrksasana in modern yoga while it is named bananeira in Afro-Brazilian martial art –capoeira. It involves balancing the body by spacing one’s hands approximately shoulder-width apart and extending the legs straight up together.

While it is performed in acro dance, cheerleading, circus, yoga, callisthenics and gymnastics, it is not recommended if the position of one’s ribs, hips and legs keeps changing or if there is too much motion or adjustments in search of balance. This can happen during finding the correct alignment due to a lack of body awareness or lack of ab strength.

Since handstand is a plyometric exercise, meaning that it bears the own body weight, it is beneficial in increasing circulation in the upper body, increasing the blood flow to the lungs and strengthening bones in the wrists, arms, shoulders and spine. It also helps to build up one’s core strength, and strengthen hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles and spinal muscles.

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