The second season of “The Umbrella Academy” raised lots of eyebrows with its surprises and plot twists, however maybe the most alarming was the final scene of the season. For most of the second installment, the Hargreeves spend their time making an attempt to fend off a nuclear apocalypse that they introduced from 2019 to Sixties Dallas. But towards the finish of the season, the huge boss battle boils all the way down to them going up in opposition to The Handler and Lila, who they quickly understand is another “sister.” When The Handler is killed — for good this time — and Lila absconds away with a time-travel briefcase, the Umbrella Academy journey again to 2019 believing their chaotic time in the previous could be consequence-free.

Surprise — it is completely not! When the six siblings arrive again of their childhood mansion, the beforehand deceased Sir Reginald and Ben Hargreeves not solely look like alive, however they’re accompanied by a bunch of six strangers whom Sir Reginald refers to as “the Sparrow Academy.” Sir Reginald tells the Umbrella Academy siblings that they are not his youngsters, and, truthfully, they need to have anticipated one thing like this to occur after their disastrous household reunion in episode six, “A Light Supper.” Sir Reginald made it fairly clear that he was disenchanted together with his youngsters and their incapacity to resolve their issues on their very own, aside from Number Five. They clearly did not go away the biggest impression.

Now, Sir Reginald has six new adopted youngsters, alongside Ben, and it appears like the Umbrella Academy is in for a world of emotional turmoil. The trailer for “The Umbrella Academy” season three provides us our first actual have a look at the Sparrow Academy, and it appears like sibling rivalries are undoubtedly in the playing cards. Keep studying for all the things we learn about the Sparrow Academy and what their presence might imply for “The Umbrella Academy”‘s season three.

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