Disney is peerless when it comes to constructing terribly detailed, unique and daring animated environments. Now add to that checklist of descriptors a new phrase: unusual. For the House of Mouse’s newest journey movie “Strange World” actually lives up to its title.

Our unfamiliar land is Avalonia and our heroes are the Clade household, famed explorers led by a gruff patriarch named Jaeger (Dennis Quaid). On a snowy journey along with his son Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal) to try to lastly attain the opposite facet of the bordering mountains, Jaeger disappears. Curious Searcher, in the meantime, discovers a mysterious plantlike energy supply and returns residence dad-less.

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Running time: 102 minutes. Rated PG (motion/peril and a few thematic components.) In theaters.

Twenty-five years later, that glowing substance, pando, has allowed Avalonia to flourish and made Searcher and his presumed lifeless father native legends. But when pando begins to immediately die off, Searcher, his teen son Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White, so gifted and who ought to be in main live-action movies) and spouse Meridian (Gabrielle Union) go on an expedition to save their gasoline from destruction.

That’s once we encounter, like Charlie Bucket getting into Willy Wonka’s chocolate mixing room, a fantastical, huge subterranean land of pink, orange and blue globules, sea anemone-type creatures and floating islands. They fly via it by airship. This mesmerizing panorama is a lighthearted tackle Pandora from “Avatar,” and marks the uncommon incidence the place Walt Disney Animation Studios is visually on par with Pixar.

"Strange World" introduces a visually rich, stunning new land.
“Strange World” introduces a visually wealthy, beautiful new land.
 The Clade family is shocked to discover a magical new land in Disney’s “Strange World,” which delivers fantastic visuals.
 The Clade household is shocked to uncover weird creatures in Disney’s “Strange World,” which delivers implausible visuals.

Searcher all the time figured Ethan took after his bookish character, and would finally comply with in his smart footsteps as a farmer, however — uh oh — he begins to see shades of an aspiring explorer in him. His best worry is that his son is likely to be a mini Jaeger in spite of everything.

While “Strange World,” directed by Don Hall and Qui Nguyen, is about overcoming perils to arrive at a faraway vacation spot, the graver hazard lies within the father-son feuds that span three generations. Their objective is to discover the supply of pando — and a few frequent floor. 

The story itself shouldn’t be fairly so breathtaking as its aesthetic. The relationships may very well be extra fraught and never so simply repaired. The setup can be too basic. Disney’s “Encanto,” in distinction, additionally handled residing up to one’s household’s expectations however with much greater ingenuity and a wallop of shock.

Jaeger (voiced by Dennis Quaid), Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White) make friends with a blue blob in "Strange World."
Jaeger (voiced by Dennis Quaid), Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White) make buddies with a blue blob in “Strange World.”

In different areas, the film is just too crowded. For occasion, one lovable sidekick is the household’s three-legged canine. But one other humorous wiggly blue gingerbread man-shaped character is launched in a while. We don’t get fairly sufficient of both.

“Strange World,” nonetheless, is a candy, science-fiction household movie with a loud environmentalist message (talking of “Avatar”) that’s good enjoyable. It’s additionally properly self-contained. Disney loves a sequel — look no additional than the horrendous “Disenchanted” — however they’d be smart to preserve “Strange World” a likable one-and-done. 

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