What does the word soulmates make you think of? We’ve been instructed lots about what it is speculated to imply, however how does it resonate with you?

When I hear “soulmates,” I at all times consider the delicate moments between me and my companion. I consider mendacity in mattress all day watching TV. I consider crying and laughing as a result of they make me really feel gentle at my most melodramatic. I consider all of the moments we spent collectively earlier than our relationship turned romantic and the way oblivious I used to be. I think of all the times they were so far away, however as a result of they known as, I felt like we would by no means been nearer.

For some folks, a soulmate is somebody they’ve shared historical past with; the individual they grew collectively and alongside, till their pasts have been as intertwined because the roots of a tray. For others, it is somebody they “clicked” with — the one who finishes their sentences, who they might spend days on finish with while not having a break. And for some, the time period describes an ineffable bond; one thing that may solely be felt, not put into phrases.

This playlist commemorates all these emotions — and . From like to lust to drama and concord, this playlist describes loves of every kind. Hopefully, it is going to remind you of somebody particular and assist you to cherish that connection, whether or not it is up to now, current, or future.

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