Based on Bentley Little’s 2015 novel the identical identity, the characters and the story within the series unfold in mysterious methods. The (*24*) is a twisted, comedic-thriller series that explores the sinister relationship between a boss and his workers.

When a brand new marketing consultant, Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz), is employed to enhance the enterprise on the app-based gaming firm CompWare, workers’ expertise new calls for and challenges that put all the things into query … together with their lives.

The eight-episode-long series, starring Christoph Waltz, Nat Wolff, Brittany O’Grady, and Aimee Carrero, is about to premiere on Prime Video on February 24

Creator, showrunner, and government producer Tony Basgallop is joined by government producer and pilot director Matt Shakman, and government producers Christoph Waltz, Steve Stark, and Andrew Mittman, alongside producer Kai Dolbashian.

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