The World Cup in Qatar is an exhibition of luxurious and energy. High-end branded automobiles, clothes from the very best shops, luxurious homes and model new stadiums.

Thus, the family members of footballers are additionally having fun with the occasion, as is the case with Cristiano Ronaldo‘s family. Katia Aveiro, CR7’s sister, shared a number of the particulars of the family’s journey to Qatar.

She confirmed the place they are staying, together with the issues they’ll do and revel in. She has documented all the pieces, from arriving on the Doha airport to the luxurious Hilton Salwa Beach Resort lodge.

What luxuries does Cristiano’s family have at their disposal?

They are staying in a collection that may command costs of as much as 5,750 euros for a single night. It is an all-inclusive that has a water park and a karting circuit in its amenities.

In addition, the room’s furnishings are additionally unimaginable. The mattress comes with names drawn on them with blades of grass and dolphin drawings, and family pictures have been positioned across the room. As if that weren’t sufficient, it has a backyard, swimming pool and ocean views.

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