Lightsabers come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, however on the heart of every one is a kyber crystal, which is what powers lightsabers and provides each its distinctive glow. Kyber crystals are scattered across the galaxy, so Jedi younglings should discover one as a part of their coaching as a way to begin the method of setting up their very own lightsaber (and becoming a full-fledged Jedi).

As we noticed in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” the crystals are colorless till they’re within the palms of a younger Jedi, and as soon as discovered, the younglings should put collectively their lightsabers all on their very own. The cool factor is they will additionally select what materials they need for his or her lightsaber hilt (handgrip), making every weapon fully distinctive.

Now that a bit of little bit of Star Wars historical past, you could be questioning, what does every lightsaber coloration imply? Scroll via the slideshow to search out out.

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