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Cat received your tongue? No worries. The full moon in Sagittarius creates a platform for us to inform it like it’s, specific ourselves absolutely, and honor our voice. Easing into this power is finest to tame the ego that would journey the wave of the Sag full moon and current the unattainable want of at all times being proper. Embrace various views whereas verbalizing your individual so you do not come off as pretentious or boastful.

The full moon is a time to shed what now not serves you. During this full moon, it is a good suggestion to look at the issues in your life that make you’re feeling trapped. Sagittarius is all about freedom, so permit the blocks in your life to fall away and be free. Speak up for your self, set boundaries, and acknowledge the truth that “No.” is an entire sentence.

Sag is a fireplace signal that brings deep knowledge and compassion. Fire is a component that may transmute issues from what they as soon as have been into one thing utterly totally different. Since Sag is a mutable signal, which suggests Sagittarians are adaptable, versatile, and communicative, this signal can simply journey the waves of change and infrequently encourage it as we enter a brand new season.

When Is the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

The full moon in Sagittarius peaks on June 3 at 11:41 p.m. ET. Stargazers can anticipate to see our fantastically luminous lunar companion shining vivid the night earlier than and after its peak.

What Does the 2023 Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

Several Native American tribes referred to this moon because the strawberry moon to characterize the harvest season for strawberries. As candy as that’s, Sagittarians are a bit extra intense, exploring and discovering issues within the deepest components of ourselves many hesitate to navigate. This warrior spirit is clear within the archer that symbolizes this hearth signal. The half-man, half-horse centaur amplifies the daring spirit of this signal, which not solely thirsts for data and exploration but additionally conjures up others to freely be themselves in all their distinctive glory.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, Sagittarius needs all of it and would not hesitate to exit and get it. Sags will cease at nothing to realize their objectives, which suggests there could also be some harm emotions alongside the way in which. It’s a good suggestion to maintain this in test so there aren’t any misunderstandings, and the compassionate spirit of Sag can thrive by carry ing out nice issues after which tapping into their pure storyteller inside to encourage greatness in others.

What Is the Spirit-Cleansing Prayer to Say For June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Dear God, I pray that I can converse my fact and I’m heard and revered for it. I’ll now not quiet my very own voice to appease one other. My phrases have that means and I do know that my intelligence, compassion, and resilient nature will shine by what I say and the way I transfer. Be my information and present me the way in which. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Temperance: This tarot card is related to Sagittarius and symbolizes the necessity for stability and moderation.

What Chakra Goes Well With the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Solar Plexus: While Sagittarius provides method to expression, the power vortex that symbolizes our self-worth, confidence, assertiveness, and skill to make selections is most carefully related to this hearth signal.

Spirit-Cleansing Limpia Recipe For the Full Moon in Sagittarius


Palo santo and sage

– Epsom salt and sea salt

Florida Water

– Turquoise, amethyst, sodalite, and/or citrine crystals

– Carnation flowers

– Tea tree, orange, vetiver, pine, and/or patchouli important oils

– Basil, sage, saffron, and/or dandelion herbs

– Yellow candle


1. Begin by lighting a yellow candle and putting it within the room the place you’ll put together your limpia.

2. Place a crystal or two close to the candle.

3. On a bit of paper, write down a number of stuff you’d prefer to let go of or shed in the course of the Sag full moon, then place it underneath the candle.

4. Begin making ready your limpia by bringing a giant pot of water to a boil, then decrease it to a simmer.

5. Once it is simmering, add a number of handfuls of herbs, one cup of epsom salt, 1/2 cup of sea salt, a number of drops of important oils, and two to a few good splashes of Florida Water.

6. Allow your limpia to simmer for 10 minutes earlier than eradicating it from the warmth and permitting it to chill right down to your liking.

7. Drain your limpia into a big bowl.

8. Burn some sage and permit the smoke to waft over the bowl and throughout you. Do the identical with the palo santo.

9. Pray, sing, dance, and talk with spirit each step of the way in which as you put together.

10. Once your limpia is prepared, take the piece of paper you positioned underneath your candle and permit the candle flame to burn it. Please use excessive warning when working with fireplace.

11. Have a cool cup or bowl of water shut by to catch the burned paper because it falls. You can then dump this water exterior or flush it down the bathroom. Give thanks for letting go of what now not serves you.

12. Take your bowl into the bathe, or you probably have a non-public exterior house to do the limpia, that is nice too!

13. Gently pour the limpia over your physique and set your intentions for the Sagittarius full moon.

14. Afterward, permit your self to air-dry in the event you can or frivolously dab your self with a white towel.

15. Journal, pray, meditate, sing, and open your self as much as the shifts the total moons present. Enjoy!

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