A ‘pointless invention’ has caught the eyes of foodies all around the globe! One man on the web has created a novel invention known as the ‘meals funnel’. His design is targeted at saving meals by reusing spilt and additional meals. In his video demonstration, he has proven the usage of his helpful gear by consuming a burrito. People who’ve had burritos know that consuming this Mexican wrap is a messy affair, with stuffing falling in every single place. What his invention does is collects all of the stuffing from the open finish of the funnel. On the slim finish, he locations an empty taco shell, so that every one of the collected stuffing falls into the shell, making a taco from the spilt meals! Sounds great, would not it?!

This foodie invention has gone viral with the video garnering 19.2 million views and around 698k likes! Uploaded by Instagram deal with @unnecessaryinvention and reshared by @9gag, the brains behind this genius invention is Matty Benedetto. The self-taught product designer is understood for creating mind-bending but pointless innovations. His web page has over 1.3 million followers, stuffed with innovations that aren’t wanted in actual life but are simply great. However, Matty Benedetto’s meals funnel appears to be a lifesaver for messy eaters of the world who can not help but spill meals whereas consuming. Here’s what individuals commented about this invention:

“To be trustworthy (sic) that concept ain’t too dangerous”

“With this we are able to make limitless tacos”

“Best. Invention. Ever.”

“Eat burrito, promote taco”

A similar creator had beforehand created one other invention that foodies could be happy to see. Called “the by no means napping bow”, it’s a vibrating popcorn bowl that’s designed to mechanically wake you up in case you go to sleep whereas watching a film. Take a glance:

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