A Kashmiri walnut wood craftsmen at work in Srinagar

A Kashmiri walnut wooden craftsmen at work in Srinagar
| Photo Credit: NISSAR AHMAD

The Kalakshetra Foundation campus is now host to over 200 folks artists, dancers, musicians, weavers, craftspeople, and artists who’re in Chennai to take part in the first version of Vitasta, a competition to have a good time the spirit of Kashmir.

The occasion, organised by the Kalakshetra Foundation and the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahaotsav, celebrates Kashmir’s historical past, literature, folks dances, crafts and culinary traditions.

“Vitasta additionally celebrates the relationship between Tamil Nadu and Kashmir, the cultural connectivity between the two States will be the spotlight of the four-day occasion,” Siddharth Kak, famous documentary film-maker and inventive director of Vitasta, says. Designed as a travelling present, it will additionally go to Maharastra, Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh.

Revathi Ramachandran, director of Kalakshetra Foundation, says that choreographed performances of Kashmiri folks dance varieties will be performed on all days of the competition. “We have the visually spectacular presentation of two folks artwork varieties coming collectively, Bhand Pather of Kashmir and Therukoothu of Tamil Nadu (January 28, 5 p.m.),” she notes. There will even be Villupattu by Bharthi Thirumagan (January 29, 5.30 p.m.) a santoor recital by Abhay Rustum Sopori (January 29, 5 p.m.) and a efficiency by the Kashmiri Sufi band Aabha Hanjura (January 28, 5 p.m.).

The occasion will characteristic a meals courtroom serving Kashmiri road meals, arrange by the India Tourism Development Corporation, on January 28 and 29, from 4 p.m. There will be stalls promoting pashmina shawls, handwoven textiles, wooden carvings and embroidery. The artisans will additionally conduct workshops on all days of the occasion.

 Kashmiri craftsmen weaves a special Kani shawl on a handloom with wooden needles and thread made out of pashmina wool,  in Kanihama, Budgam district central kashmir.

Kashmiri craftsmen weaves a particular Kani scarf on a handloom with wood needles and thread made out of pashmina wool, in Kanihama, Budgam district central kashmir.

Vitasta is on until January 30, at Kalaksetra Foundation, Thiruvanmiyur from 9 a.m. to eight p.m. Entry is free for all occasions, seminars and workshops.

Vitasta highlights

January 28: Video presentation on ‘Vitasta’ and ‘Buddhism in Kashmir’ Siddharth Kak Dance presentation by Kalakshetra Foundation: Sharadha Stotram and Vitasta Sthuthi Kashmir Folk Music Symphony and Folk Dance Medley

January 29: Sufi music and Kashmiri folks music by Aabha Hanjura and Troupe; Theatre Presentation: The History of Buddhism, Kashmiri Shaivism and Abhinav Gupt, as narrated by Vitasta, by National School of Drama, Repertory and Bhand Pather and Therukoothu.

January 29: Santoor by Abhay Rustom Sopori and Troupe and Villupaattu by Bharati Thirumagan

January 30: Folk Music Symphony and Folk Dance Medley: ‘Bharati Kanda Bharatam’ presentation by Kalakshetra Foundation

At Dakshina Chitra, January 28: Santoor by Shri Abhay Rustom Sopori and Troupe: 5.00 p.m. to six.00 p.m.: Folk performances/craft workshop and craft stalls from 11.00 a.m. to five.00 p.m.: ‘Sufistication’ – Sufi music and Kashmiri folks Music by Aabha Hanjura and Troupe at 5.00 p.m.

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