Filmmaker Onir’s memoir,  I Am Onir, and I Am Gay (Viking, an imprint of Penguin, 2022) — written along with his sister Irene Dhar Malik, a National Award-winning movie editor and screenwriter — is out. Over a Zoom name, he says that he wrote the guide as a result of rising up he “didn’t have any reference level”; even right this moment, “there aren’t many books on the market by somebody who’s out and proud, with out disgrace”. 

Divided into 4 elements, it not solely takes you thru his boyhood years — a time when he felt extraordinarily shy and extremely aware about his pores and skin color — but in addition narrates a rewarding queer life that has witnessed hardships, triumphs, and heartbreaks in equal measure.

When I ask why he selected the title, provided that his sexuality is “not the all-defining issue”, he shares that “for somebody who’s in all probability closeted or battling their id, to discover a guide proudly claiming to be queer could be empowering”. But for Onir, it was additionally about “asserting an id that individuals used to suppose will maintain themselves again”.

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