The Nipah virus is again in the information. For the fourth time in 5 years, Kerala is battling an outbreak of Nipah. The virus, first documented in Malaysia in 1998, is zoonotic, which implies it’s transmitted to individuals from animals, in this case the animals are believed to be the fruit bats of the Pteropus species. As of September 15, six individuals have examined optimistic for Nipah virus, and two have died. A Central authorities crew is in Kerala at current and a cell testing lab has been arrange. In contaminated individuals, the World Health Organisation says, the virus may cause a variety of sicknesses from asymptomatic (subclinical) infections to acute respiratory sicknesses and deadly encephalitis. 

But regardless of our many brushes with Nipah, there nonetheless stays loads that’s unknown – we nonetheless must know extra as an example, about how the virus spills over from bats to people, and why that is occurring. There’s additionally the rising concern of the surge in zoonotic infections throughout the nation – scrub typhus and leptospirosis as an example, and why that is occurring.

Guest: Dr Subramanian Swaminathan Director of infectious illnesses, Glenagles Global, VP, Clinical Infectious Diseases Society of India

Host: Zubeda Hamid

Edited by Jude Francis Weston

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