The subsequent Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio will seemingly be electrical. 

The mid-sized sedan and SUV have been revealed in 2016, and given a mid-life refresh earlier this yr, however neither options even mild-hybrid expertise. 

Alfa Romeo head of product, Daniel Guzzafame, advised Australian media it’s getting tougher to promote vehicles like the Giulia and Stelvio in some European markets already on account of the large taxes on high-emitting autos. 

“In sure markets now, you can’t ship a automotive [that emits] 200g/km of CO2. Most individuals wouldn’t purchase it,” Mr Guzzafame advised media.

“Why? Because there are taxes on it, as a result of persons are not free to maneuver round in that automotive anymore. In France, the Stelvio 280hp and Tonale GME are paying taxes which are [beyond] what persons are eager to spend,” he stated.

One potential resolution is to develop a plug-in hybrid model, which places the automotive right into a extra beneficial tax bracket and makes it simpler to promote in markets similar to France. 

But the rear-wheel drive Giorgio platform beneath the Stelvio and Giulia wasn’t designed to help electrification, and redeveloping it will be a major value for a model below strain from the high to ship a revenue. 

With the 2027 deadline for pure-electric energy looming massive, Mr Guzzafame confirmed Alfa Romeo gained’t be placing a PHEV in the present Stelvio and Giulia. 

“If you need to have a PHEV, then we have to utterly retool all of the [platform],” he stated.

The model “might have” fitted a 48V mild-hybrid system to the Giulia and Stelvio at its mid-life refresh, however decided the CO2 emissions reductions wasn’t important sufficient to justify the enhance it’d require to the sticker worth.

And given the model has confirmed 2024 will see the launch of the final new Alfa Romeo with internal-combustion, Mr Guzzafame stated the subsequent Giulia and Stelvio will “likely” be electrical. 

As some rivals transfer away from conventional passenger vehicles, Alfa Romeo has confirmed it gained’t abandon its roots and kill the Giulia. 

“You want a automotive,” Mr Guzzafame stated, talking about the core fashions that’ll drive Alfa Romeo’s future.

“You want a Giulia, you want a Stelvio, you want a Tonale. Then you want one thing larger.”

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