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From the September 2023 subject of Car and Driver.

Echoing the design of the long-running 99 that preceded it, the up to date and modernized Saab 900 was the automobile that introduced the perimeter Swedish model into its closest proximity to the mainstream, which truthfully wasn’t that shut. When we drove a Saab in 1977, we stated, “When you get all finished cracking Saab jokes, you may discover the one factor that’s much more enjoyable is driving Saabs.”

From launch the 900 was out there with a turbo, and the boosted fashions are way more fascinating, significantly when mated with the five-speed guide transmission (a three-speed Borg-Warner automated was optionally available). Rare notchback four-door sedans lack the cargo capability and standout form of the two- and four-door hatches. A considerably flexy convertible arrived for 1986. Cars from 1990 and later acquired trendy security updates resembling anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Fuel economic system, front-wheel-drive traction, a very good ride-and- dealing with steadiness, panoramic visibility, and revolutionary options (seat heaters, a center-console-mounted ignition change, a cabin air filter) are hallmarks of the 900. So too is Saab weirdness, current in its pinnacle and unbiased kind right here, earlier than General Motors purchased and diluted the model.


Most 900s got here with a 2.0-liter fuel-injected inline-four (naturally aspirated variations grew to 2.1 liters in 1991) mounted longitudinally underneath a front-hinged clamshell hood and driving the entrance wheels. First-year common 900s made 115 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque, whereas Turbos had 135 horses and 160 pound-feet. The powerband was peaky, with the turbos coming alive above 2500 rpm, accompanied by a definite whistle.

For 1985, a brand new double-overhead-cam 16-valve head and intercooler on the Turbo gave it 160 horsepower. The midrange 900S acquired a 125-hp naturally aspirated 16-valve engine in 1986. Also launching in 1985 was the Special Performance Group (SPG) bundle, that includes a physique package and tri-spoke wheels. In ’87, SPGs acquired a bump to 165 horses, which rose to 175 in 1990.

“On steadiness, an excellent automobile for lengthy, laborious drives over dangerous roads.”-David E. Davis Jr., C/D

, July 1983


Saab 900s are climbing in worth, however not as rapidly as contemporaries such because the E30 BMW 3-series or the Volvo 240. Turbos and SPGs are extra extremely prized—a 246-mile 1987 Turbo convertible offered in August 2022 for a surprising $145,000—however stable Turbo examples, even convertibles, are nonetheless out there for underneath $20,000. Buy now or sob later.

Problem Areas

Rust is your enemy. Slide again the plastic trim that rims the wheel arches to search for rot. And make sure to examine the suspension mounting factors, entrance and rear; catastrophic oxidation right here is widespread and really difficult to restore. While engines are sturdy, it is best to examine the timing chain and tensioner for put on. Transmissions are additionally stable however present their preliminary weaknesses in first and reverse; if it pops out of both, the gearbox is a candidate for a rebuild. Ignition tumblers put on out, as do the seat heaters, turn-signal stalk, and vacuum-actuated cruise management. Comradely restore and elements assist is out there at saabnet.com.

what to buy saab 900

John Roe|Car and Driver

what to buy saab 900

John Roe|Car and Driver

Recent Sales

1985 900 Turbo sedan (February 2023)
Price: $17,250 Mileage: 93,000 miles
1993 900 S hatchback (June 2023)

Price: $8750 Mileage: 136,000 miles
1988 900 SPG (March 2023)

Price: $12,250 Mileage: 193,000 miles
(Sales from Bring a Trailer.)

1985 Saab 900 Turbo
160-hp 2.0 liter inline-4, 5-speed guide, 2908 lb
60 mph: 8.5 sec
1/4-mile: 16.5 sec @ 83 mph
Top Speed: 128 mph
Braking, 70-0 mph: 217 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft Skidpad: 0.75 g
From C/D, December 1984. Acceleration occasions adhere to our previous rollout rule of three mph.

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