STRANGER THINGS, 'Vecna's Curse', (Season 4, ep. 402, aired May 27, 2022), ph: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Every season of “Stranger Things” ups the ante with newer, extra {powerful}, and scarier villains, and the fourth season isn’t any exception. This season, our heroes are dealing with down a super-powerful being they’ve dubbed “Vecna.” Fans of the Dungeons & Dragons recreation shall be accustomed to this creature, however simply how a lot inspiration will the present take from its characters’ favourite recreation, and the way a lot shall be totally new and unexpected?

Who Is Vecna in Dungeons & Dragons?

In the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Vecna is first alluded to through the remaining “artifacts” of the being. Throughout variations of the recreation in the late Nineteen Seventies, Vecna was principally a mysterious creature in the recreation’s lore, identified solely as a long-destroyed, evil “lich,” or undead spellcaster who’s extraordinarily tough to kill. The “Hand” and “Eye” of Vecna had been mysterious artifacts that, if used, put the participant vulnerable to being threatened by the eerie undead creature.

It wasn’t till round 1990 that Vecna lastly bought extra of an official “character” profile. He’s seen as a depraved demigod and a fierce enemy and, finally, is a part of the recreation’s pantheon of deities. Later additions to D&D lore reveal extra about Vecna’s bodily look, depicting him in monstrous humanoid kind. Vecna has human-like legs and arms, referencing the human he was hundreds of years in the past (though his left hand is lacking and is a strong magical artifact in the recreation), however his head is a daunting cranium, and he is lacking his left eye. He additionally has a number of tentacle-like extensions swirling off of his physique — one thing “Stranger Things” followers have seen earlier than.

Vecna’s character biography traces his evolution from historical, magic-wielding human to vengeful necromancer to undead grasp of darkish arts. He performs an antagonistic position in a number of “tales” in the lore. According to those tales, Vecna dominated an incredible and horrible empire, till he was betrayed by his right-hand man, Kas, who destroyed him with a sword Vecna made for him. In later tales, Vecna rose from the useless as a demigod of darkish magic, pursuing methods to amass the powers of a higher god.

Who Is Vecna in “Stranger Things“?

The earliest supplies about “Stranger Things” season 4 have not given a lot away about their model of Vecna. We can assume that the Party give their newest foe a D&D-themed nickname, similar to they did in earlier seasons with the Demogorgon. From the trailers, it appears like the newest supernatural creature to assault Hawkins has an analogous bodily kind to the D&D villain, with a humanoid form, a cranium face, and tentacles.

It stays to be seen how a lot of the creature’s powers are just like its D&D namesake. Most importantly, the Hawkins crew would possibly look to their beloved D&D lore for methods to take down their very own Vecna. After all, the D&D Vecna has a human origin and a soul saved in a strong, magical field — each of which, if they seem in the “Stranger Things” model, could possibly be the key to taking down this new risk.

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