‘It wasn’t a kiss. It was only a innocent, harmless, peck.’


Photograph: Kind courtesy Padmini Kolhapure/Instagram

When Prince Charles visited India in 1980, the very proficient Padmini Kolhapure had the uncommon distinction of kissing him!

“I had no thought I used to be pecking the long run King of England!” she exclaims to Subhash Ok Jha.

“I used to be very younger again then. I had began as a toddler actor and earlier than I knew it, I used to be taking pictures a number of initiatives as a number one girl. One of them was director Esmayeel Shroff’s Ahista Ahista. I used to be taking pictures for the movie at Rajkamal Studios after we had been instructed that Prince Charles was coming.”

Padmini recollects that historic day: “I feel he simply wished to see a Hindi movie taking pictures. If I bear in mind accurately, he additionally met the dabbawallas of Mumbai on the identical day. When we heard Prince Charles was dropping in, we had been in a state of disbelief. I assumed it was a prank, however he did arrive. Shashikalaji greeted him within the conventional method with a thali and tikka.”

What was Padmini’s response on seeing the long run King of England?

“I used to be too younger to understand that. To me, he was Prince Charles, the Queen’s son. A celebrity in his personal proper. All the women had a crush on him. I rushed to him like an excited schoolgirl and greeted him.”



Photograph: Kind courtesy Padmini Kolhapure/Instagram

That’s when the historic kiss occurred.

“It wasn’t a kiss, please,” protests Padmini. “It was a pleasant, affectionate peck. Little did I do know that it could create a storm. Even now when the Queen isn’t any extra, God Bless her soul, you’re calling me to ask about it. Thank God there was no social media again then. Otherwise, I’d have been trolled mercilessly.”

Not that the Prem Rog actress was not criticised for an harmless transfer.

“Oh sure! I used to be reprimanded for spoiling bharatiya sabhayata. But I repeat, it wasn’t a kiss. It was only a innocent, harmless, peck.”

Now that the person Padmini pecked is the King of England, what does she must say? “His mom has introduced nice glory to the throne. I’m certain Prince Charles, I imply King Charles, will reside as much as the legacy. My finest needs.”

As for the peck, “I’m glad it made historical past. But I nonetheless do not know why.”

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