Even in the event you learn your monthly horoscope for enjoyable, you may nonetheless roll your eyes at the idea of astrological compatibility. The notion that stars and planets may decide how effectively you get together with somebody could seem foolish, however what if nice intercourse truly is written in the stars? And “Hey, child, what’s your signal?” does not truly deserve its corny pickup line repute?

Zodiac signs can replicate character, communication types, preferences, feelings, and even sex drives — all of which play a major function in understanding your self and your relationships. I’m not saying it is best to make your whole main love and intercourse selections primarily based solely on astrology, however chemistry is troublesome to clarify — and a few individuals positively have higher love compatibility with some signs than others.

So in the event you’re trying to obtain some out-of-this-world chemistry with a lover, it definitely cannot damage to take a peek at your astrology birth chart

. At the very least, it is type of enjoyable to study a bit of extra about your self and totally different indicators, and at the most, you’ll be able to uncover who your greatest bedroom-chemistry is with. Keep studying for our helpful sexual-astrology primer proper this manner.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes and Taylor Andrews

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