woman with organized notebook as symbolic of Virgo personality traits

If you’ve got ever sought cosmic steering, you might concentrate on how astrology may help deepen your understanding of your self. And in case your birthday falls between Aug. 22 and Sept. 22 (give or take a day or two, relying on the yr), meaning you are a sensible Virgo. As a mutable earth signal, Virgos possess a eager eye for element and a sensible way of living, which makes them level-headed and poised. On the opposite hand, their purpose for perfection can usually translate to being overcritical — but what issues is that their coronary heart is in the best place. Down to earth, organized, and altruistic, one of many key Virgo traits is that they are at all times lifting up others to be the very best variations of themselves.

To study extra about Virgo zodiac indicators’ persona traits and what makes them tick, POPSUGAR spoke with skilled astrologer Imani Quinn, coauthor of “Astrology SOS“.

Virgo Traits: They’re Pragmatic

Earth signs rule materials comforts — together with funds, nature, and possessions — and that is what provides Virgo the sensible way of living that they are identified (and beloved) for, in line with Quinn. Virgos come outfitted with a stable life blueprint, but as a mutable sign, additionally they have a backup plan in case issues go awry. They know life can get messy, and that sensible mindset is what helps them maintain their cool in all forms of conditions.

“You can discover Virgos fixing issues with spreadsheets and to-do lists,” Quinn explains. “They aren’t frightened of the tedious work and a spotlight to element it takes to construct constantly, which is why they’re good at taking part in the lengthy recreation.”

Virgo Traits: They’re Perfectionists

Not solely are Virgos related to the sixth house of health and wellness, but they’re additionally dominated by Mercury — the planet answerable for all of our day-to-day features like communication, expertise, and journey. That mentioned, you may think about that (like their home and planetary rulers) they’ve an affinity for logistics and particulars. They usually see the cracks in plans, concepts, and particulars that others are inclined to miss — giving these organized indicators Monica Geller-level

perfectionism. “Virgos aren’t right here for frivolous acts or making errors,” Quinn explains.

Virgo Traits: They’re Excellent Communicators

Whether by way of textual content, through electronic mail, or at a podium, Virgos have a pure potential to specific themselves. They haven’t got a problem with talking their thoughts — irrespective of how direct or unfiltered. “Mercury is answerable for our daily communication — dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s when signing contracts — all strengths of Virgos,” says Quinn. Although they will come throughout as blunt, you may at all times depend on a Virgo to have good intentions, even after they current you with brutal honesty.

Virgo Traits: They’re Always Improving

Because of their affiliation with the sixth home, Virgos are inclined to prioritize the well being and well-being of themselves and people round them. (If you will have a good friend who’s at all times been effortlessly devoted to consuming their greens, meditating, and sweating on the common, they only might need some Virgo of their birth chart.)

Factor that in with being a mutable sign, and it is no marvel why self-improvement and progress are vital to them. If it looks like Virgos are by no means glad or they’re susceptible to giving robust love, it is as a result of “what some may even see as judgmental and perfectionism, they see as arduous work ethic and displaying up as the very best model of your self,” Quinn explains. Think of constructive criticism as their particular Virgo love language.

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